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Instant Gratification

"In SETI Silence"

"Two Meetings" (scroll down -- the poem is in issue #30)

"Misstep" (with David C. Kopaska-Merkel)

"Distant Deaths of Galaxies"

"New World Haunting"

"Don't Blink"

"Wind Shift" audio poem

"Fire Language"

"To the Next Priest"

"The Queen's Speech"

"These Final Skies"

"Lost Over East Texas" (audio)

"Dark Constellations"

"The Winds of Sesqua Valley"

"In Webs of Autumn" (scroll down)

"The Quiet One" (scroll down)

(some recent works published online)

"Times Two"

"Wolves of Mars"

"Mercy, Mercy"

"A Voyage(r) Too Far"

"Cave Bear Dreams"

"Launching Atlantis"

"B53 Elegy"

"Fiesta of Our Lady"

"Giving Up the Ghost"

"Lullaby for Arachnophobes"

"Desert Protocol"

"Penelope Reweaves"

"Desert Mystery! Gas & Go!" Lovecraftian fiction

Free audio of "Desert Mystery! Gas & Go!"

"Past Human"

"Quiet In Her Mind"

"Termination Shock, Voyager"

"Time Ghosts"

"Of Ithaca & Ice"

"Dying Butterfly"

"Deep Solar Minimum Blues"

"The Negotiator"

"Mount Pacho" (haibun)

The Ones Who Met Them (scroll down to Featured Poems, Issue #21)

Rehab (flash fiction)

"The Water Lily Room"

"Honey Locust Postmortem"

"Maya Blue"

"Sifting Stars"


"Charlotte In Waiting"

"Great of Magic" (click link in Table of Contents)

"Given to the Frost"

"Why We Left"

"To Theia" 1st place Rhysling Award winner, short form, 2010

"Abandoned" Second Place Winner, 2007 SFPA Poetry Contest

"Letter of Marque" (go to Table of Contents & click on Ann K. Schwader)

"If Cold Is a War"

"Spiral Scream"

"Dead Light"

"Making the Sacrifices"

Scream Saver

"Abductee: Two Sonnets"

"For Nadia": Winner of first annual Adelaide Award (best cinquain of 2006), AMAZE magazine!

"The Dark In Dreams"

"The Boats of Abydos"

"Star Shark"

"Mousing Mars"

"Southwest Mars" (with Deborah P. Kolodji)


"Rich & Strange", 3rd place Rhysling Award winner, 2005

FREE sampler from the speculative poetry magazine Mythic Delirium (which contains my award-winning sonnet "Reflections In a Fading Mir")