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Location, since 1982

Schulz Porcelain began in 1976 with Founding artists Bill, and his wife, Terry, and 3 children Eric, Douglas, and Stephanie.The family enjoyed working together learning and discovering the joys of producing fine porcelain, and perfecting their use of the tools needed to create the originals. 200 years combined exemplary artistic abilities focuses on the depiction of the boundless natural beauty of their beloved Great Northwest. Discovering new glorious scenes on frequent weekend drives, they found their favorite places to visit were the Mount Hood Wilderness Area, and the Pacific Coast. Struggling between selling what they made, and finding time to create new designs, eventually not much time was left to explore the forests and woodlands they loved, but each time they used their own product they were reminded to reflect and appreciate Oregon's wilderness.

The business is now being run solely by daughter, Stephanie:

Pookie, Faithful Mascot
"My dad, William (Bill) the founder, had been doing Clay and Art all his life. He developed his own formulas, which I still use today. He died in 2005, at age 85. Mom, Clare(Terry)was the creator of most all the original artwork used in making the Master Molds. And spent countless hours carving and finishing the porcelain greenware to ready it for firing. She consistently reached for perfection and artistic excellence in every piece she created. Her works easily withstand the tests of time. Terry passed on in 2003, at age 79. My brother, Douglas was lost in an accident in 1990, his fine craftsmanship, dedication, and artistic abilities, and building and machine skills were crucial to Schulz Porcelain's development, and his spirit remains. His skills in airbrushing the glazes were tremendous, and before the current look for Schulz Porcelain, he glazed the early Stencil Ware designs he and Terry and Bill created. He was a fly fisherman, and his and our brother Eric's love of this sport, and fondness of exploration, are what influenced much of the original product line.

Now many years later, I wear all the hats, and am adding to the wholesale and retail lines Schulz Porcelain offers.

With Dedication To Quality, Schulz Porcelain Enters its 30th Year. Thank You, and Enjoy Collecting Schulz Porcelain, Heirloom Quality Giftware, for this Generation and Many More to Come!"

Here Are The Basic Steps Of Production:


More About Porcelain: Porcelain is the finest clay body of any. It takes the intricate details in our molds like no other clay, and better than glass. These Designs in the Schulz Porcelain Classic line are our own creations formed over the years, which have led us to the collection for production you see today. After the original is made, then the original master mold,& several more castings are made to get to the final slipcasting mold. Bill Schulz mixed his own Secret Clay Formula,(as I do, now) and each piece is hand poured, (by me!) and the clay left in for anywhere between 1 and 30 minutes, with attention to pouring the Christmas Ornaments very thin. The water is absorbed from the slip into the mold, the remainder dumped out, and that leaves the 'shell' of the greenware. After careful seam-cleaning and final detailing, the Soft Blue, Mt St Helens Ash, and Clear glazes that Bill created are are airbrushed on, the top layers of color removed to reveal the pattern, and to make "snow". I produce our ware in small batches, using an electric kiln, just as Dad taught me, and concentrate on Quality Quality Quality!

Schulz Porcelain Blue White and Ash Glazed Ware is Microwave, Dishwasher, even Oven Safe, and, Completely Non~Toxic

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