Schulz Porcelain Ships From Portland, Oregon, USA

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Guaranteed Happiness!
Your item should be pleasing to you. However, we realize it is hard to tell what you are going to be receiving from just one photo. And, most of our photos are representational, meaning we wouldn't be shipping that exact same item, but one from the same mold, in the same color that you see in the photo. We guarantee we will ship the items you order, but if you are still worried, we will be happy to take more photos for your viewing before you purchase.
In the case of Assortments, we strive to send the widest possible variety, in the most current and upcoming seasonal colors if applicable.
Each Item Is Inspected 3x Before Shipping. That being said; unless there is an inherent flaw(chip, crack, glaze 'blop' etc.) in the item you were not told of and shouldn't be there, we will work with you and send a better one, you pay shipping back to us to return the flawed one, then we will reimburse you the shipping when we send you the replacement. If you just change your mind and want to return perfectly good ware, there will be a fair 15% restocking charge, and you will need to pay for the shipping back to us. (please pack well, and please insure.)
When You Order:
Shipping Charges are automatically entered on your invoice at the time of your order. We ship the least expensive way available, but usually with USPS. A flat rate is pre figured in on the order. The rates we charge are usually correct, and fair, but if we get it wrong we will send refund the over charge, or bill you the undercharge, if it is really 'off'- & we will contact you before we do.
We use bubble wrap, and paper, 1 box inside another with the inner box surrounded with packing peanuts or other suitable material.(please recycle) If the package comes in broken, you must save the package and all the broken contents to take to either USPS or UPS, who will reimburse you for everything, and then you will need to re-order from us. That said, in 30 years it has only happened once! Pretty good, huh?!!

Remember, millions of pieces of porcelain, glass and other breakables are being shipped around the planet as we speak, this is not a big scary issue, your pieces will arrive to you safe. Trust in the Universe! :))


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