Wall Pockets Hanging Vases
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Pretty and Practical, these are darling in tight spaces, or big! Flat on the back, with a hole to hang it on a nail with, these are wonderful for dried or fresh flowers, or with some gravel and a small piece of charcoal in the bottom you can plant a plant in it, or just use it as a root starter for vines etc!! Have a fireplace? put your wood matches in there! you can use the back as the striker!
Here's Another Idea!, Buy 2, link them back to back and put one facing out on your Balcony and one facing in, great for Condos and Apartments!

Handpainted. Like A Bigger Selection? Please refer to the flowers painted on the Ivy Balls, and let me know!

Special Note: The clay used is Porcelain, a very fine clay, and when fired to its recommended temperature, which these are, it will hold water without leaking, even if not glazed

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