About Avanti Library Systems
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About Avanti Library Systems

Avanti Library Systems grew out of a project started in 1998 to develop a simple low cost open source library system for small libraries. A key goal was to design the system around a general universal model of a library system rather than to build an implementation for a specific library or type of library. This would result in a library system that was simple, very efficient and adaptable to a variety of libraries and situations. Amid fits and starts, this system gradually evolved into Avanti MicroLCS today.

The design philosophy of Avanti Library Systems emphasizes innovation, careful design and radical simplicity. This results in software that is:

  • Easy to use. User interfaces are carefully designed, consistent and simple, offering the user only what they need when they need it. This reduces costs by minimizing the need for extensive training of library staff and patrons.
  • Small, efficient and self-contained. With careful minimalist design our software products can run effectively on very modest hardware. Our development process emphasizes quality rather than adding features, resulting in very lean and robust software. By keeping systems as self-contained as possible, external dependencies are reduced or eliminated altogether. MicroLCS requires no third party software other than Java to run, and the AvantiMARC jar file can simply be dropped into your project.
  • Flexible and powerful. By building upon a simple well thought out architecture, power and flexibility are not sacraficed for simplicity. MicroLCS is a fully functional multithreaded client/server library system. It has a configurability and powerful capabilities that are rarely found in any other library system in its class.

Avanti Library Systems is dedicated to providing the library community with software products that are both simple to use and powerful, without byzantine bells and whistles. When simplicity and power are brought together in a design that captures basic principles well, they make tools that efficiently and elegantly solve the problems for which they are designed. Such tools not only enhance productivity and get the job done, but using them can be a joy.

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