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Below please find information on Jill's memoirs "Up The Wooden Hill" and "Coming of Age in California -English Style-"
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Up The Wooden Hill
Coming of Age in California -English Style-

Up The Wooden Hill
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Coming of Age in California -English Style-
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In Quest of the Old West -A Driving Diary-
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The Crimson Cloak  
 The books can also be purchased at The Book Store and Alfies in Lompoc, The Book Loft in Solvang, Chaucer's Book Store in Santa Barbara, and online at amazon.com and from the author at the contact information below.

"Up The Wooden Hill" is a 180-page historical memoir about growing up in England and Germany before, during and after World War II, featuring two tales seen through different spectacles.  Stories of love and war, tears and laughter, families, friends and foes.  From school days fraught with sibling rivalry and controversies with parents, lives are rebuilt, the Deutsche mark revalued and a father de-nazified.  Both the young people mentioned in the book learn apprenticeships, experience calf love and the beginning of a postwar world.
Comments by Jill's daughter-in-law are:
"Often in school we get only a glimpse of the history of the WWII era, as told from U.S. military and political perspectives, but what intrigued me so much about this book is getting the firsthand, slice of life feeling of what it was actually like to be a young person coming of age in this time period.  You get to learn not only about the challenges but also the optimism of these two growing up and looking for fun and adventure whereever they could find it. 
"The writer takes you back then forward as you grow up with these two people - from once opposing countries - and share in their culture and eventually in their meeting and marrying.  For me one of the amazing aspects of this book was not just the wonderful story but also that these were two people's actual lives and the tale told from two perspectives, two cultures and from two countries.  I think this book would appeal to people of all ages most specifically from England, Germany, and the U.S. and the writer's style is both candid and engaging."
"Coming of Age in California -English Style-is a lighthearted account of the author's true story of herself, a naive English teen, fresh from home and convent school, venturing forth with a girlfriend to the California of the nineteen-fifties.  The duo travel from Southampton, England on the Queen Mary to New York City, cross-country by Greyhound bus via Route 66 to a welcome in Pasadena.  The two girls first visit California's small town of Bakersfield, then on to Hollywood with an involvement in a call-girl ring. The journey continues to Long Beach and a job with the Miss Universe Pageant, and finally to San Francisco, city of sophistication and singles bars..  Along the way they encounter climate, communication, customs, and cultural challenges...and a disintegrating friendship.
"While a peep into the past for modern ChicLit readers, Mother Hens will brood over the adventurous chicks as if their own.  And old Biddies will find themselves cackling and clucking over the escapades in a bygone era when they, too, were young and coming of age."
The author Jill Schaefer

In Quest of the Old West -A Driving Diary-
Authored by Jill Schaefer, Illustrated by Michelle Schaefer
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A Driving Journal of Jaunts and Journeys by Jill  
As a Cold War dilemma unfolds, an Anglo-German couple, Jill and Horst, drive off on a lighthearted jaunt through the western states of America, their adopted country. Jill keeps a daily journal of their fortnight's trip through the Western States to the Dakotas and back to their home in California's coastal city of Santa Barbara. News alerts of the US/Russia drama up-date the couple on their driving journey of discovery, as they dig and delve into the past, dally with locals, delight at historical sites, and day-dream into the future.
Jill has lived on the California West Coast for the past thirty-five years, fifteen years of which were in Santa Barbara and Goleta and twenty in Lompoc.  She, her late husband and three sons emigrated from England and Germany in 1974.



An adventure story for all ages unfolds in the 1970s.  A young Anglo/German
couple immigrate with their sons to their new home and business in the USA
where they meet up with the German family whom they had smuggled out from
behind the Iron Curtain ten years earlier. Julia, wife and mother, takes
among her family's possessions the red cape which was instrumental in the
daring escape from Communist East Germany to the freedom of the West.

Jill Schaefer currently resides with her family on California's Central
Coast.  Jill's other books are 'Up The Wooden Hill -The Tale of Two WWII
Families'- her WWII memoir of she and her German husband growing up in the
London Blitz and Nazi Germany.  Her second memoir 'Coming of Age in
California -English Style' is a lighthearted account of herself as a naive
English teen venturing forth into California of the 1950s. 'In Quest of the
Old West - A Driving Diary' is a travel journal of a trip in the 1980s
through the western states of America as a Cold War dilemma unfolds.


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