The Dittoscope is a new type of astronomical telescope with a Primary Objective Grating.

Unique features of the Dittoscope for terrestrial implementations include a very low wind profile and no moving parts during observations. Airborne embodiments can operate inside a sealed cabin at high altitude. In space deployment, the design uses a flat membrane that is maintained by inertial forces. For an observatory on the moon, extensibility with light weight parts and low maintenance in operation may favor it over mirrors. The Dittoscope is intriniscally a multiple object spectrometer with the capability of surveying millions of objects in a night. Implementations can be conceived in terms of kilometer scale aperture. You can download prepublication PDF copies of presentations made at technical conferences of the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) and the American Institute for Aeronautics and Aerospace (AIAA).

The Dittoscope - Overview (2002)

Terrestrial Observatory (2002)

Space Deployment (2002)

Some Answers for Critics (2004)

Gossamer Membrane (2007)

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