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Random thoughts

To feel the wind in your soul means finding the rain upon it as well.  But then, who wants an air-conditioned soul?
Creation anymore resembles nothing so much as a masterpiece, painted over by some buffoon intent on utilizing the canvas for his own droll doodling.  Perhaps the reason the desolate expanse of the American Southwest is so appealing to modern man is that while one can still glimpse, here and there, the geometric symmetry and sameness that characterize man's notion of achievement, the work of the Master still dominates, and we are left in rightful awe over it's power and majesty.  What gives me pause is that we return to our world of circles, squares and rectangles with no sense of outrage over the real beauty they so mundanely replace.
Economics 101 in the New Millenium
There ain't no such thing as a free call.
It amazes me that people fail to see the wisdom of love and the corresponding idiocy of hatred.  We should not need scripture or holy pronouncements to show us that love is the  way.  Common sense should dictate it's value to ourselves and each other.
The Reason to Smile
Smile.  Those things you can control will yield eventually.  Those you cannot will be there tomorrow to battle anew.  In either case, they will quite dispassionately wait long enough for you to smile.
Patience isn't a virtue.  It's a survival skill....
Passion is a living spark, a fire that can be neither lit nor quenched - it must burn of its' own accord, or not at all.
The dance is a peculiar thing, for though it can be quite fleeting, in the framework of the instant it occupies, it is yet timeless and immutable.
Love makes too many people afraid and a wonderful few alive.
The Temple
The truth is in our hearts, not our artifices.  It's there that love and hate fight their age-old battle for control of humanity's path.  We are the temple, and the common place, all rolled into one....
This Day....
The world this day leaves me with a sense of yet gathering storm clouds, as those who think the possession of power somehow perfectly equivalent to entitlement blunder blindly about feeding the age old monsters of fear and anger, all the while wondering when God will at last come and show the world His approval of their unknowing, uncaring blasphemy.  We harvest the fruits of our own selfish ignorance, and call it "right...."
Reality is never determined by popular vote.
True wealth is only created in good and loving times, and the memories they engender.  These are the things you can take with you, that no one can rob you of, no matter how hard they try....
The idiocy of the few creates a haze through which the uninformed and uncaring many find their way to complacence.
To love honestly and truly, one must first intimately know and courageously embrace heartbreak.

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