Attempts at haiku
At First Glance
Opening lines...
Attempts at haiku
Random thoughts

a tear trails my cheek
following yours on their path
to earth, and flowers

passion's vines once crept,
trapped, 'long staid old walls ('til you);
now 'midst rubble bloom

mountain morning, 'midst
grey mists and layered myst'ries
hide ghosts of her gaze

mountain twilight fades,
a bird's song echoes nearby;
pond'ring the day's warmth
your very image
begs sensuous banquet
(fiery feast indeed)
seated in silence
solitude surrounds me
still, sensing you near

To me, the fascinating thing about haiku is the forced economy of words.  It necessitates a clarity above and beyond that required of a writer with unlimited paper, ink and vocabulary.  I am certainly no master of the form, but it is an evocative exercise I embrace with passion, nonetheless....

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