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  Taken by the madness of hate
  Love binds them to us
  Now and always
  Never forgotten
  September 11, 2001

The above words came to me in the near aftermath of a horrific tragedy that defies true communication on a verbal or written level to this very day.  I use these words frequently as an email signature, and offer them to you now as my gift, in the spirit of remembrance they seek to foster.
Unfortunately, the towers continue to fall, and will do so, I fear, for a very long time to come.  It was "the madness of hate" that possessed a man named Osama bin Laden to later supposedly claim there "were no innocents" in the World Trade Center that awful September morning.  A virulently contagious disease, hate is the one true "weapon of mass destruction" in this world.  The infected often seek "vengeance" and "justice" as a cure, but those remedies only hold the symptoms in check, and rather poorly, at that.  There is only one real cure, and that is a liberal and often quite difficult application of "love" and "forgiveness."
Bin Laden reportedly acted hoping to incite a conflagration in the Middle East that could in turn be fanned into a true jihad against the objects of his own personal hate.  It often seems to me these days that his plan is proceeding quite well, shepherded along in his absence by others he infected that fateful late summer day.
Mohandas Gandhi knew, understood and praised the pragmatic value of the Christian admonishment to "turn the other cheek."  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. tried to show us the true difference between darkness and light.  Christ told us to love one another, over all else.  Throughout time, this message has been handed to us, again and again, and we in our turn have slaughtered the messenger, rather than give up our precious hate.
The entire world was assaulted on September 11, 2001, not just with hijacked airliners, but with an age-old sickness....

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