At First Glance
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At First Glance

"someone speaks"

someone speaks
(still, somehow brushing sensually against my heart)
with only a word

(only a haze of electrons really
being most unpleasantly
the moment's most unfair lens)

an instant's look captured;
gazing calmly
(into me)

not unlike late lovers
yet somehow, not the same

bidding me closer
begging my senses
binding about my heart
tender threads of thought

i sit intrigued
and smile

Welcome to my fledgling attempt at establishing a web presence.  It's a simple enough task to meet someone and take their physical measure.  Discerning who they are is another thing altogether.  Illumining the intricate recesses of the human heart and soul oftimes requires a light found only in the heart of another....
Come then, and wander 'mongst the echoes of my heart - its' triumphs and tragedies, its' longings and listlessnesses, its' joys, and the pain those same joys make inevitable.  Let my truths remind you of your own, and help you remember what Creation never forgets - we are all kindred, if we but look to our hearts....

Who are you, why are you here?
What do you think?  What do you feel?
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