This page is specifically dedicated to SBPLGC/Victoria events at the Links at Victoria in Carson and to preserving the grand history of the Victoria Men’s Club. Effective in 2013, SBPLGC and the Victoria Men’s Club joined forces and are now one. As such, while our club plays a regionally based schedule, this combination also served to make us the official LA County chartered golf club at the Victoria course.

The Victoria Men’s Club experienced a very long and successful history dating to when the golf course was first built. The club was always known throughout the LA County system as a “players club” and for many years under the old Public Links Golf Association (PLGA), its members had the lowest average indexes of all PLGA clubs. The club won countless PLGA team play titles in many different flights and many individual members had great successes in local and regional amateur tournaments. We are committed to preserving these great memories and we hope to add old stories and photos to this page in the near future.

In recent years, the Victoria course, which is built on an old landfill, has experienced a number of severe maintenance problems. Currently, the tees and greens are very satisfactory, but the fairways have significant bare areas. LA County and the course operator are both fully committed to renovations to make the course nice again and the fairways are scheduled to be re-sodded with special turf better suited to the soils there and the reclaimed water used. This work is planned to start in Spring, 2013. As more plans and timelines become known, we will add this information to this page.

Our club’s current plan for 2013 and beyond is to retain its traditional schedule of events, as published on this website, where Los Verdes is our home course, and also including other LA County courses in the area. In addition, we will also run home events at Victoria to carry on the tradition of the Victoria club, called our SBPLGC/Victoria schedule. Therefore, effective in 2013, SBPLGC will have more playing opportunities with two different schedules, and the dates will never overlap. Due to the course conditions, there is no SBPLGC/Victoria advanced published schedule at this time. Rather, events are being booked one by one and according to demand, until such time as the course is back to good condition. Additionally, for now the events at Victoria are open to EVERYONE and no club membership is required to participate. Future entry forms and tournament results will be published on this page. Once the course is back in good shape, we plan to resume more regular play at Victoria once again and to publish an official SBPLGC/Victoria tournament calendar.