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Sharon K. French                                       Tuesday 5/2/06
Married/divorced. Have a beautiful daughter, Leslie Kay.  She married
one of the locals here and had my beautiful grandson, Wyatt, the love of my life.  Live in Sattler, TX outside of New Braunfels, hill country.
Registered Nurse working at local hospital with lots of great nurses.  Ran into one of our own at local chamber of commerce bar-b-que (after many years) and found out about this website.  Wish everyone well and remember the best years are still to come.  God Bless.
e-mail:                                   sharonkfrench@gvtc.com

Sonyia Mathews                                       Sunday 4/2/06
e-mail:                               mysticstar2005@hotmail.com
Martha Moseley Crawford                                       Saturday 2/25/06
Looking forward to Class of '76 30 yr reunion.  Wasn't sure about coming since I don't keep in touch with anyone except Debra Kostelecky, but after scrolling through the entries here and seeing so many names that made me smile in remembrance, I'll be there.  Have been in Colorado for the past 8 years.  Married to Steve for 25 years last Sept.
Two boys, Taylor 21 and Blake almost 18.
e-mail:                               martha.crawford@dcsdk12.org

Lisa Short Helm                                                     Wednesday 2/8/06
Graduated class of 76 but had several friends in 75 class.  If someone does hear about the 76 reunion I would love to know about it.  3 children Krystal, Jim and Candice.  Now live in San Antonio and persuing my masters @ UTSA.
e-mail:                               helmlisa@yahoo.com

Debbie Dismuke Hoffart                                           Monday 2/1/06
I would like to say hello to everyone that might remember me from Spring Branch. It has been a long time since I have been a this site.  Everyone take care and maybe I will see some of ya'll at the Houston Livestock Show.  I am usually there during the Cutting Horse Show and the partying after words.
e-mail:                               keito4601@sbcglobal.net
Danny Monroe Goodrich                                                 Friday 1/27/06
Hello classmates I missed the reunion. But I hope to be at the next one. I ran across this site the other day.  Seeing pictures and reading about old friends brought back a lot of memories some good, some not so good. I read that there might be a get together in the spring. Sounds like fun. Ill keep checking back.
e-mail:                               dgoodri@sbcglobal.net
Patrick Bishoff                                                  Wednesday 1/25/06
Hmmmm, I guess I rolled off the server like I almost did my senior year!  Hello to all at SBHS.  Im living in Bend Oregon with my wife of 20 years, Kathy. I have one son, Kyle (14) and one daughter, Haley (12). Special Hello to Debbie Eilers, John Singletary, John Cox, Janet Fearneyhough, Lester Walsh and everyone else who I forgot to mention.  John Elling, my best friend...keep watching over me...you have done a good job so far!
e-mail:                               laserman@bendcable.com
Diana Burton Allen                                                  Sunday 8/7/05
What a great reunion!It is always a joy in my life to see
old, dear friend! Aren't we all blessed to be Bears!!! Thanks to all of you who worked so hard on the reunion, it is appreciated more than you know! Until the next get-together, may your lives be safe, healthy
and happy!! Love to all Diana
e-mail:                               dbadb75@sbcglobal.net
Linda Knight Owens                                                  Friday 8/5/05
I sure have some great friends from the class 72 thru 76 that was all part of the Spring Branch fun pep rallys. I sure enjoy your pictures.
e-mail:                                lndsunshine@hotmail.com
Karen McIntosh Murray                                                  Monday 7/4/05
I was part of class of '76, but sure enjoyed seeing the pictures of your reunion - brings back lots of memories of friends and great times at SBHS.
e-mail:                                 davekaren1979@netzero.com
Julie Jones                                                  Thursday 6/30/05
Great reunion, thanks to all who worked so hard on it.  I spoke to Nancy
Sullivan a lot that night and got names of old classmates of hers and tried to locate them, but no luck. I did print out the blurb and picture of her dancing from the reunion website and mailed it to her.  I have her address now, I think I will send her a Christmas card this year.  If anyone would like her address to do the same, just email me back. Won't she be surprised?
e-mail:                                  jajoneskaty@yahoo.com
George C. Lamb                                                  Saturday 6/25/05
I had a ball playing in the class of '75 golf tourney.  I am glad no one discovered that I am really a cross dressing guy who patrols the streets of Montrose under the name of "gorgeous george".
e-mail:                                  cascata@sbcglobal.net
Karen Haenelt Cook                                                  Tuesday 6/21/05
Just want to say that the reunion was just a blast. It is always great to
remember the days of long ago. It was great getting to talk to old friends and Tommy and I want to thank Miss Nancy for the warmth that she brought to our hearts. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks again. Karen
e-mail:                                  karenacookgcf@yahoo.com
Pat Carver Phenix                                                   Monday 6/20/05
The 30th Reunion was FANTASTIC!!  I had a wonderful time seeing everyone!  We sure missed a lot of ya'll though!  Thank you MARK for all you did to make this happen and for keeping us together another five years and for this great website!  GO BEARS!!
e-mail:                                  pphenix75@aol.com


Donna Tomlin Jennings                                                   Monday 6/20/05
I had a great time! It was good to see everyone.

Joy - your car is awesome!

Nadean - glad you found your shoes!

e-mail:                                  ddjenn@aol.com
Jimmy Killion                                                   Tuesday 6/14/05
e-mail:                                  Hakillion@netzero.net
Donna Treybig Foehr                                                   Friday 5/27/05
Just checking out the 30 year class reunion info. My daughter graduates
tomorrow, Waller Class of 2005, 30 years after I did. Lot's of changes in 30 years, hope to see ya'll at the reunion!
e-mail:                                  donna.l.foehr@exxonmobil.com
Scott Balke                                                   Monday 6/06/05
Looks like a great turnout is shaping up for the thirty year reunion. I am hoping to see everyone, and especially a couple of the Baylor exes/room-mates:
Jay Lann and Tom Frederick, are you guys coming?
e-mail:                                  balkeshsd@earthlink.net
Robin Fears                                                   Saturday 5/21/05
Scary where has 30 years gone to? Would not have even thought of looking except for my daughter's ten year reunion coming up. Thanks to all for the super site! Only looked back in 85 nice to see so many stay in touch. Moved to the woods of the Florida panhandle and never left despite the hurricanes. Hope all have a great time at the party.
e-mail:                                  dodgelady7@talweb.com

Michael A Jones                                                   Tuesday 2/15/05
To all Bears! I was suprised to hear of the reunion. I only went to SBHS for a year and a half after moving to Houston from San Antonio, but I am still here in Houston! My wife and I are going to come to the reunion to catch up... It will be fun to see how much people have changed over 30 years!
e-mail:                                  maj6657@aol.com


David Buttecali                                                   Tuesday 2/1/05
Great website. Brings back alot of memories. Class of '76 but I knew many in Class of '75. Attended 25 year reunion Golf Tourney and won a chipping contest! I've been in The Woodlands since 1990 after a long stay in Washington, D.c. Own a mortgage company and some real estate. Always interested in seeing old friends. All stay in touch and let me know if I can help or participate in '75's 30 Yr reunion. Ciao!
e-mail:                                  davidb@andoramortgage.com
Henry Knetsar                                                   Friday 1/21/05
Greetings fellow Bears!  Just found this site myself. (great job Mark! muchas garcias!) It has taken 18 years, but I have FINALLY moved back to Texas TO STAY!  For those who have never lived outside of Texas, don't bother... it just doesn't get any netter than this! 

For those who ARE living elsewhere.... NO EXCUSES FOR MISING THE REUNION!  I managed to embarrass myself at a reunion every 5 yrs since we graduated... REGARDLESS of where I was hanging my hat at the time.  I am looking forward to seeing you all at the 30th, and hoping you all look older than me!
e-mail:                                   hknetsar@sbcglobal.net
Ray Rickman                                                   Tuesday 12/14/04
Just stumbled across this site and wow I actually know alot of the names. I like some others graduated in 77. Left for 4 years in military but living in cyfair area now. have actually ran into a few classmates since then. Drop a line sometime not afraid of any questions. Has anyone heard or seen from Patti Gaedecke. We were really close and she helped me through some rough times. Just would like to know she is doing well. Thanks see yall around.
e-mail:                                   colbreeze_us@hotmail.com
Gary Lancaster - Class of 72                                Thursday 11/18/04
In memory of my twin boy, Cody Miller Lancaster.
"Wings of Flight"-And we were sad Thinking of the Times we'd had
  A Butterfly Then came to us Flew around Without a rush
   Showed us how He'd been set free Drifting off Where we can't see
   Helped us know He's on his way We'll treasure this Each passing day." 
Our son was taking from us much too early, but he is in a better place. When a butterfly landed on my shoulder one spring morning, I new it was a message from God. Not to worry, but go on living. Even though at times it has not been easy, Cody has been my inspiration and doing God's will my reason for living.
Thanks and God Bless to all
e-mail:                                   garyj917@msn.com
Edward Brady Thompson                                                Monday 9/20/04
Hey everyone.  Just checking in and looking forward to our 30th.  I plan on being there and hope to see everyone.
e-mail:                                   ethompsontx@prodigy.net
Jim Joswiak                                                Thursday 9/16/04
Hey Mark, Great Web Site.
Looking forwrd to seeing all of the ole crowd.  If you need any help on upcoming events, contact me. Hasta la vista.
e-mail:                                   james.joswiak@cityofhouston.net

Douglas Sean Roe                                                Wednesday 8/11/04
Well I graduated in 1975 from Spring Branch High school. I can think of a few others that are also 75 grads not listed. Good site! But... how about a complete list in the e-mail directory, address or not.
e-mail:                                   sean@seansmagic.com

Tracy Moore                                                Saturday 7/31/04
I am the youngest brother of Keith Moore ( '75 ) I just wanted to let yall know he is in Iraq right now and needs all of his friends support. Drop me a line if ya want to send him a letter. Also, if anyone knows who I can contact in regards to th Class of '85 20 year reunion please let me know. Thanks     Tray
e-mail:                                   puterout@yahoo.com
Elizabeth Chandler Phelps                                                Saturday 7/24/04
AWESOME website!!!  So much fun to look at all the pics!!!  Liz Chandler SBHS '76
e-mail:                                   phelps5@zianet.com
Les Walsh                                                  Saturday  7/24/04
Well hello class of '75, just dropping a line to let you all know I'm still alive and miss you all very much. What a great website. E-mail included if anyone cares. (Can't stay incognito forever)
e-mail:                                   lwalsh5@comcast.net

Mike Patrick                                                  Tuesday  6/29/04
It was great seeing everyone at the last reunion!Linda and I look forward to seeing everyone at the 30th.
e-mail:                                   sevenmeadows3@hammondshomes.com
Carlos Ortiz                                                    Wednesday  5/26/04
Just found the website, and am amazed that a lot of the class members still keep in touch. I have not made any of the reunions but would like to possibly make the next one.
e-mail:                                   cortiz@totalzone.com
Randy Cryer                                                    Sunday  5/16/04
I have not made it to any reunions yet.  Seems I never get the info in time.  I am on the road again (in Detroit today), but I live in Seattle, WA these days.  It's good to see that some of my old classmates still keep in touch.  I hope I can eventually get to one of these gatherings.  I still get to Houston about three or four times a year.  My Dad and my Brother, Ron still live in the area.  Somebody please keep me posted on future gatherings of the Bear clan...
Cheers, Randy C (former Bear cheerleader, track and swimming.)Class of 76
e-mail:                                   springbranch@uteltd.com
Robert Eric Stanfill                                                    Tuesday  12/16/03
Just found this website.  Sorry I missed the all-class reunion.  It looked like it was a great time. If anyone is in East Texas please visit our restaurant in Jacksonville -Larissa House.  Thanks Mark for all your efforts.
e-mail:                                   eric@larissahouse.com

Ken McKee                                                     Monday 12/15/03
So many names ... many sound familiar, but I couldn't place faces with them.  Ah, it's the first thing to go.  I hope you are well and that you'll say hello if you find yourself in San Francisco.  Later!
e-mail:                                   ken@ssl.berkeley.edu
Brad Hays                                                       Wednesday 8/06/03
I had so much fun at the reunion. It was great to see so many old friends that I haven't seen in literally 28 YEARS! Sure do hope to see even more of you for our 30th! Feel free to send me an e-mail. Would love to talk to more of the Class of '75.
E-mail:                              jbhtm@aol.com

Scott Christian                                                 Tuesday 8/05/03
After all these years that was my first pep rally. It was wierd being in the old school.
E-mail:                             schristian@earthlink.net
Jack L. Franks                                                Monday 8/04/03
My name here for the sake of posterity! (sic). I went to Landrum Jr.High and Spring Branch Sr. High. Left my senior year (1975). To cool for school! LOL  I own a law firm here in Pittsburgh, PA. I am in the SBHS Junior yearbook if said book even exists anymore!LOL Anyway, I found it disturbing to read the names of people who have passed :(  Should anybody remember me feel free to contact me. Univ. Of Houston, 1985, Duquesne Law School, 1989
E-mail:               FranksLLC@aol.com


Diana Burton Allen

Monday, 8/04/03



What a WONDERFUL TIME we had at the reunion!! It was so nice to spend time with those of you that were there! I still think the class of '75 has one of the best represented classes! i hope there will be even a larger turnout at the next one! Thanks goes to Pat for not retiring and helping the board with all the things needed to put on such a nice reunion for all of us! Thankyou Mark for the web-site! I love seeing all of you and remembering a wonderful time of all our lives, see you the next time! Love and good health to you all, Diana






Gale Britton Lowell Saturday, 7/26/03
Can't believe the names I have not thought of since High School. Just moved back to TX couple of years ago and amazed to see the changes around here. Would love to hear from classmates of 75, that seems so long ago.
E-mail: sleepingstorm75@yahoo.com




Debbie Dismuke Hoffart

Sunday, 7/27/03



Looking forward to seeing everyone there.





Donna Tomlin Jennings Thursday, 7/24/03
E-mail: ddjenn@aol.com
Darrel Dussetschleger Tuesday, 7/22/03, 7:59 PM
Looking forward to seeing everyone. My how time flies.
E-mail: darrduss@yahoo.com
Diana Burton Allen Friday, 7/11/03, 8:36 AM
Hey, I am so looking forward to seeing everyone at the upcoming reunion! I hope there will be a huge turnout, if anyone has doubts about whether to come or not, put a smile on and join us! It will be a great time if we make it one!!!!I hope life is well for everyone and I feel blessed everyday for my family and friends!Seeya, Diana
E-mail: diandbill7375@yahoo.com
Janie Blitch Friday, 7/4/03, 1:54 PM
I taught sophomore and senior English to members of this class. After 25 years of teaching, the last ten at Stratford High School, I am retiring at the end of August. I will still teach English as an adjunct faculty member of Houston Community College--Northwest. I'm looking forward to seeing many of the class of '76 at the All Class Reunion 2003. I'm hoping that Jan McCreight Groves, former English teacher at SBHS, will also attend. See you in August.
E-mail: billblitch@aol.com
Toy Garland Monday, 6/16/03, 8:08 PM
What a great website! Thanks to those involved who put the thing together! It's been an eternity since those "glory days"! Guys, feel free to break off an e-mail to me. I look forward to hearing from each of you. I plan to look up each one of you during the all-school reunion this August! Peace and love to each of you. Toy
E-mail: toyster84@aol.com
MICHAEL R.COOK Monday, 6/16/03, 10:41 AM
Bonnie Corbello Pearson Monday, 6/9/03, 12:32 PM
Hey! This is great! I Graduated in 1976 and haven't been back since. The August 2003 reunion looks interesting and fun. Thanks to whoever got this up and running. Would love to hear from old classmates!
E-mail: bpearson@mail.uttyl.edu
Jeannie Meyer Friday, 5/30/03, 12:39 PM
My maiden name was Jeannie Ronck and graduated class of 1970. I live in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. My address is 311 Meacham Street, Mukwonago, Wi., 53149. I would love to have any correspondence in regards to SBHS. Thank you!
E-mail: www.jeanie.meyer@fiserv.com
Debbie Cabness Franek Friday, 5/9/03, 1:13 PM
Haven't been at the site for a while - things are looking great and updated often! Looking forward to the reunion in 2005! If your ever near Poetry, TX, look us up! Debbie
E-mail: dlfranek@aol.com
Brad Hays Tuesday, 4/22/03, 10:32 AM
After being away for so many years, it sure is nice to see so many of the old friends names and to have a chance to "talk" electronically. Thanks everyone. Don't hesitate to drop a line because I will answer.
E-mail: jbhtm@aol.com
Garry Tippit Wednesday, 2/5/03, 2:32 PM
A New Year but it's great to have old friends. Feel free to e-mail.
E-mail: GLCamaro@aol.com
Jayme Pruett Herrera Monday, 12/23/02, 11:48 AM
Just checking in! I love the site, it reminds me of many of my old friends at SBHS... Feel free to write at anytime! Jayme
E-mail: kherrera7@attbi.com
Rick Gann Thursday, 11/21/02, 2:07 PM
I am actually from the class of 1977. But knew quite a few people who were a couple years older than me. Would like to hear from some of you.
E-mail: srgann@stpegs.com
Viki Huff Egan Sunday, 1/13/02, 9:17 PM
After not seeing ANYONE since graduation, I was naturally a little nervous going to the 20th but I ended up having a nice time at the last two reunions. I think it is important to remember that time has passed and people and things change. So for the ones out there that haven't been interested in attending one of these gatherings, remember that its not like it was in high school -- it's better. We have all grown into adults who appreciate each other more and are starting another phase of our life. It is nice to gather at a place and find out that there is someone you know, but haven't seen in a long time, who is interested in you and your life and the things that you do. It's not just football and drill team, anymore. It is so much more! Where else can you go that age doesn't matter since we are all the same age.
E-mail: nativegirl@kingwoodcable.net
Paul Plattsmier Tuesday, 10/23/01, 8:24 PM
Sorry to hear about Tommy.I worked with him at the Thunderbird Drive-in. I really enjoy the website.
E-mail: plattsmierp@aol.com
Cynthia Sprague Cook Thursday, 9/13/01, 3:51 AM
Sent E-Mail stating we moved hope you get it.
E-mail: atxgalserv@aol.com
Beth Mock Tuesday, 8/7/01, 1:59 PM
Thanks for the pictures of Roddy and the update. I had not thought of him since I left High School. What a sweet man he always was. Thanks for reminding me. Beth
E-mail: bmock@cityof conroe.org
Danny Dructor Friday, 8/3/01, 4:19 PM
Well, it's been another year! Hope this finds all well with everyone.
E-mail: Dructor@aol.com
Beth Miller Mock Wednesday, 6/6/01, 6:38 AM
Mark, Thanks for putting together the Spring Reunion. It was alot of fun seeing those who could come. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help for the next one. Beth
E-mail: bmock@cityof conroe.org
Debbie Dismuke Hoffart Thursday, 5/3/01, 9:04 PM
Looking at the website, and checking on who is out there. It was great seeing everyone at the reunion. Sorry I missed the spring picnic. Getting my daughter ready for her prom that day. See ya'll at the all class reunion.
E-mail: dhoffart@hotmail.com
kay mcgee Saturday, 3/24/01, 7:56 AM
E-mail: kayrina57@yahoo.com
Denise Middleton Wednesday, 3/21/01, 9:19 AM
Great job on the website - "curiosity seeker" from the Class of 76, many friends in your class, came to your 25th reunion with Gay Legg-Pustejovsky.......had a great time - good to see everyone!!! Denise
E-mail: denise.tobolka@millscorp.com
Nancy Johnson Rose Sunday, 2/25/01, 2:11 PM
Just looking for lost friends.
E-mail: rosefields@net.com
Nancy Gates Peck Tuesday, 2/20/01, 10:46 AM
I just found this site a week ago. Terrific! I saw on the up-coming events page under missing people Nancy Johnson was listed with found beside her name. I would love to get in touch with her. Do you know who would have her address? I have not been to any of the reunions. I did not know if I would remember anybody or if they would remember me. I think this is a terrific way to get back in touch. How and when did Ray Garcia die? I have typed a few things on the general SBHS site but, nobody seems to respond from class of 75.
E-mail: npeck@mdanderson.org
Beth Flanagan Fruge' Saturday, 2/17/01, 5:30 PM
Went to the 25th Reunion and what a blast from the past! It was wonderful to see all your faces. Mark, thanks for putting on the Website. And to all the Reunion Committee, you guys did a great job putting everything together. Sorry I'm so late in logging in to this website but better late than never I guess. Take care to all and stay in touch! Beth
E-mail: tbfruge@pdq.net
garry Friday, 2/9/01, 6:15 PM
just checked back in!
Garry tippit Thursday, 1/4/01, 10:35 PM
Really enjoyed the site.Lot of great memories. could only find site through the spring branch high school alumni. http://sbhsclassof75.homestead.com/ does not seem to be working? thanks for the great job, Garry
E-mail: GLCamaro@aol.com
Wayne C. Jasek Tuesday, 10/31/00, 7:21 PM
Thank to all that keep us united!
E-mail: wcjasek@quixnet.net
Donna Boyer Friday, 9/22/00, 9:12 AM
What a beautiful job on this website. You have really thought of everything. I look forward to keeping better in touch with everyone. You've made it easy! Thank you!
E-mail: donna@boyernet.com
Marvin Casper Monday, 9/18/00, 10:34 AM
Really enjoyed the reunion. If I didn't live in Dallas, I would really like to help out. I still come in for Rodeo, but the reunion is really great to come to. The cost may keep some from coming, but to me it's well worth it. Pat, as usual, great job. Sandy and Vince - great seeing you -- see you at the Rodeo. Mark - great job on the WEB page.
E-mail: ray.casper@abbott.com
Jack Harris Friday, 9/1/00, 10:24 PM
I really enjoyed "chatting" with Pat Phoenix and Mark Ford.
E-mail: jharrispac@aol.com
Maureen Krol Modrow Thursday, 8/31/00, 6:42 PM
Thanks for keeping me update on the latest info. Waiting to see the pictures of the class reunion. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend due to a business trip scheduled at the same time. Looking forward to seeing everyones photo. Maureen.........
E-mail: modrow@ix.netcom.com
"Cissy" Dawn Ford Stillwell Saturday, 8/26/00, 2:56 PM
If you know of any 1977 graduates who have been out of touch with our class, send them my way. We will be having our 25th in two more years.
E-mail: stillwel@aol.com
Maureen Modrow Saturday, 8/19/00, 6:03 AM
E-mail: Modrow@ix.netcom.com
Cynthia Sprague Cook Monday, 8/14/00, 4:54 AM
Sorry we missed the reunion. Husband not feeling well. Hope to make it next time. Love the web site.
E-mail: Atxgalserv@aol.com
Keith Trautmann Monday, 8/7/00, 9:02 AM
Hey, this works really well!! Thanks for putting this web site together. It's a great idea, and I know that a lot of work was put into it. Hi everyone!! I hope things are going well with you. Keith
E-mail: ktrautm@juno.com
Greg Coker Sunday, 8/6/00, 12:25 PM
Mark, This is great. It was great seeing everyone and I hope we can all stay in touch. You and your efforts have made that a much easier possibility. Thanks Greg
E-mail: GLCoker@swbell.net
Lisa Woolston Walters Monday, 7/31/00, 6:41 PM
Thanks for a great way to stay in touch for the next 5 years. Great to see everyone, hope more can make it to #30. I'd like to request prayers for my mom who has terminal cancer. Thank you and God Bless.
E-mail: lisadwalters@juno.com
Malcolm Bihl Monday, 7/31/00, 5:54 PM
Checking in!
E-mail: mbihl@juno.com
Bettye McCool Johnson Monday, 7/31/00, 3:59 AM
Great site Mark! Thanks for taking the time to put this together! I was not able to make the reunion, but was there in spirit! Heard it was a blast. Now with this website, maybe we can all manage to keep up with each other a little better!
E-mail: bmcj@hotmail.com
SUSAN PETERS WEAVER Sunday, 7/30/00, 9:12 PM
E-mail: texpur@aol.com
Mark Thurmond Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:36 PM
Mark-What a great idea! Thank you for your hard work and "volunteering" to make this happen. Debbie and I look forward to visiting often. For those that didn't make the reunion or the golf tournament, you missed a great time. No one looked any older they just looked more "mature".
E-mail: MThur007@aol.com
Paul Schmidt Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:36 PM
Thanks Mark for creating this website. Sorry I missed the reunion.
E-mail: Schmidtpw@t-online.de
Monty Free Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:35 PM
Mark, I was out of the country (totally legal activities) and I missed the golf tournament and the reununion. Not only was I looking forward to seeing everyone but also to finishing last in the tournament. It has become a tradition for Doug Phenix, Bobby Norris, Chris Lanclos and myself. Email and the internet have become the most reliable means of communicating with "old" friends. Good idea and great job! Monty
E-mail: monty.free@us.abb.com
Danny Ductor Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:35 PM
Great idea Mark! It was really interesting seeing a lot of ya'll at the 25th. I hope for your continued success.
E-mail: Dructor@aol.com
Greg Moore Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:34 PM
Good Idea Mark! Thanks for putting this website together. I'm adding it to my favorites list and will check back occasionally
E-mail: aceauto@flash.net
Rick Wright Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:34 PM
Thought I would stop in and take a peek. Nice job! I'll be back. Don't forget little Paul Williams. He was in my homeroom and the first friend I made when I moved to Spring Branch in 1972. He was also a black belt in karate (hey, I know how to pick friends). It breaks my heart that friends like him pass so soon in life.
E-mail: rwright821@aol.com
Joy Smith Tilton Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:33 PM
Mark! Thanks for getting this started, I love the internet and think this is a terrific way to keep in contact. This could be a lot of fun, some of us spent all 13 years together and those memories are important.
E-mail: jtilton@pdq.net
Ross Steiner Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:33 PM
Great idea Mark! I was wishing that someone would do this (but was too lazy to do it myself :) ).
E-mail: rsteiner@ti.com
Gwynne Treybig Nelson Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:32 PM
Mark, What a great idea. Pat let me know about the site and I think it is the beginning of something wonderful. Thanks to you and all the hard work that this will require. I will share it with everyone I can. Gwynne
E-mail: Omagwynne@cs.com

Debbie Cabness Taylor Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:32 PM
Missed the reunion this time but I'm looking forward to keeping in touch through this site! Thanks for hosting it! It really takes someone who is interested to make it a good one! Maybe you can get in free at the next reunion!!! Debbie
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Debra Bratton Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:31 PM
Mark, Pat Phenix forwarded the email you sent to her about the feelings you had on Sat. night and then the day after. Made me cry. Exactly how I feel. This is the feeling I got from everyone I spoke to on Friday and Saturday (male and female). How I wish we could go thru life maintaining these same feelings and uplifted spirits. Thanks for this website. Good luck- GO BEARS!! Love to all-Debbie
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Pat Carver Phenix Sunday, 7/30/00, 3:30 PM
Mark - this is awesome! Thanks for putting it together! The 25th Reunion ended way too soon for me. I wish I had a few more days to visit with old friends!
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