Bleaching: Teeth "Whitening" and "Brightening"

Why do teeth discolor?

Some teeth are naturally too pigmented or stained as they develop.
Exposure to tea, coffee, juices, colas or tobacco accounts for much of the darkening as we age.
Tooth discoloration sometimes happens from antibiotics (tetracycline) or excess fluoride taken internally during tooth development.
Old fillings, tooth nerve damage, or trauma to teeth can account for darkening.

Treatment Procedure

"Whitening" of the teeth can enhance a smile by a simple procedure utilizing a custom-fabricated bleaching tray and a safe, dentist-dispensed whitening agent. We employ a patented, safe whitening agent which will remove most stains with a gentle sustained release action that will oxidize (bleach) your teeth. Your tooth structure remains unchanged.

Fill tray

Most patients wear the bleaching tray with the whitening agent in it while they sleep, usually for 6-8 nights. Some difficult darker stains may naturally require longer treatment than milder stains.

Insert tray

Experience and research shows that 90-95% of patients treated experience some level of tooth whitening. Porcelain restorations and white fillings will not whiten.

Before After

Before After

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