The College of Tor Aerie presents:

Northshield Dance Seminar XX

April 29, 2006


University of Minnesota
St. Paul Student Center
2017 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108

Site opens at 9AM and closes at 11:30PM.
The site is dry, smoke-free and handicap accessible.
No weapons are allowed on site.

Site Fees:

There is no site fee! (Donations will be gratefully accepted)


Please join us for a day and night full of dancing!

During the day, you will have the opportunity to learn dances from many talented teachers. The classes will include a variety of styles, including Italian, English Country and Middle Eastern dance. As always, there will be an entire track aimed at beginners.

Then in the evening, put what you have learned into practice at the Grand Ball and Dessert Revel. Live music will be provided by the Jararvellir Music Guild and the Warwick Consort.

In addition, there will be opportunities for performances during the breaks in the ball. Should you be interested in performing or teaching, please contact Maestro Etienne.

Volunteer Opportunities!

To help out at the front gate (primary duty is to help with sign in), please visit

We are also looking for people to donate food for the Dessert Revel. To help feed the hungry dancers and musicians, please contact Lady Nezhka at: nezhkadot (at)

Event Stewards:
Maestro Etienne de Clermont (Steven Bush)
2851 Vernon Ave. S
St. Louis Park, MN 55416
952-929-0200 (10AM - 10PM)
MasterEtienne (at)
Lady Gudrun of Tor Aerie & Lady Janos Lea
For site related questions,
contact Lea (Kristina Taray)
612-301-0028 (11AM - 9PM)
nina_anncq (at)

This page is maintained by Maestro Etienne de Clermont . All questions/comments should be directed to him.