Northshield Dance Seminar XX

Schedule & Classes

9:00AM Site Opens
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM Classes
1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Lunch Break*
2:30 PM - 5:30 PM Classes Continue
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM Dinner Break*
7:30 PM - 11:00 PM Grand Ball
11:30 PM Site Closes

*Neither lunch nor dinner will be served on site. A list of nearby restaurants will be available at the event.

  Paris Firenze London Constantinople Brussels
10:00 AM Intro to 16th Century Italian Dance 3 Threesomes Dance Like There's Somebody Watching Intro to Raks Sharqi (Middle Eastern Dance) & WarmUps Beginning Pipe and Tabor
11:00 AM Intro to 15th Century Italian Dance 16th Century Italian Cascarde for Two Intermediate English Country Dance Raks Khaleegy (Khalijiyya) (Western) Drumbeats for Dancebands
12:00 PM The Old Measures Il Villanicco: A Practicum Raks Sharqi (Middle Eastern Dance) Advanced Basics Hurdy-Gurdy
1:00 PM Lunch
2:30 PM Intro to English Country Dance Jealous Joy Two Dances from the Gresley Ms. Beginning Zils (Finger Cymbals)  
3:30 PM Intro to Bransles Intro to Italian Snubbing & Galliarding Buffens Dances of the Mughal Court (Persian & Kathak)
4:30 PM Ball Prep 16th Century Italian Dances for Three

Introductory Classes

Intro to 16th Century Italian Dance: Ballo del Fiore, Contrapasso in Due, La Castellana, "The Hunt" from La Caccia d'Amore. TH Lady Adele. Paris 10:00AM

Intro to 15th Century Italian Dance: Anello, Amoroso, Marchesana. Lady Madelaine. Paris 11:00AM

The Old Measures: Come learn the eight dances that began the revels at the Inns of Court for over 100 years! These dances are: Quadran Pavane, Turkelone, The Earl of Essex Measure, Tinternell, The Old Alman, Queen's Alman, Madame Sosilia Alman, Black Alman. Mistress Rosanore. Paris 12:00PM

Intro to English Country Dance: Half Hannigan, Hit and Misse, Grimstock, Hyde Park. Lord James. Paris 2:30PM

Intro to Bransles: Pease, Horses', Official, Montarde. Baron Berwyn. Paris 3:30PM

Ball Prep: This is a chance to learn dances that are in the ball that were not taught during the day, were in a class you did not get a chance to attend or just to review dances you do not know very well. Paris 4:30PM

Italian Dance

3 Threesomes: Three fun and simple 15th Century Italian dances for sets of three dancers - Petit Vriens, Belfiore, and Vita Di Cholino. TH Lady Alina. Firenze 10:00AM.

16th Century Italian Cascarde for Two: Fiamma d'Amore, Gracca Amorosa. Lady Magdalena. Firenze 11:00AM

Il Villanicco: A Practicum: This class will not only focus on learning Negri's "Il Villanicco" (The Lout), but will also explore the decision making process behind the reconstruction. Maestro Etienne. Firenze 12:00PM

Jealous Joy: Three 15th C Italian dances: Rostiboli Gioioso, Gioioso in Tre, Gelosia. Lady Antoinette. Firenze 2:30PM

Intro to Italian Snubbing & Galliarding: Il Bianco Fiore. Lady Isabel. Firenze 3:30PM

16th Century Italian Dances for Three: Leggiadria d'Amore, (Bella Gioiosa - time permitting). Lady Genevieve. Firenze 4:30PM

English Dance

Intermediate English Country Dance: Glory of the West, The Return of Spring, The Friar and the Nun, If All the World Were Paper (2 hrs). Mistress Elashava and Lady Constanza. London 11:00AM

Two Dances from the Gresley Ms.: Ly Bens Distonys, Esperans. Lady Thea. London 2:30PM

Other Dance

Dance Like There's Somebody Watching: Sometimes you want a dance to look appealing and interesting to an audience.  Come and we'll investigate how to present dance as a performing art.  (Examples will include common ECD and Italian pieces.) TH Lord Christian. London 10:00AM

Buffens: Arbeau's dance with (wooden) swords! (2 hrs) LadyTsire. London 3:30PM

Middle Eastern Dance

Intro to Raks Sharqi (Middle Eastern Dance) & WarmUps: An introduction to the Egyptian style of Middle Eastern Dance called Raks Sharqi or Danse Orientale.  The class will go over the basics of the dance form and also spend time using the movements and other stretches to prepare dancers for a day of dance class. TH Lady Kenya and Sayyida Perizada. Constantinople 10:00AM

Raks Khaleegy (Khalijiyya): Raks Khaleegy is a women’s folk dance of the Persian Gulf region. This social dance is traditionally performed at women’s gatherings, parties and weddings. An integral part of the dance is the colorful and beautifully embroidered thobe nashal (literally “big dress) that is worn while dancing.  This graceful and beautiful dance is fun and easy to learn. A few thobes will be available to share. Baroness Khadijah. Constantinople 11:00AM

Raks Sharqi (Middle Eastern Dance) Advanced Basics: Class will teach the Egyptian style of Middle Eastern Dance called Raks Sharqi or Danse Orientale.  This class will move a bit faster than the Beginning and Warmup class earlier in the day; however, any level is welcome to attend.  The class will progress from the basics of the dance form into movement and combinations. TH Lady Kenya. Constantinople 12:00PM

Beginning Zils (Finger Cymbals): Class will teach use of finger cymbals and some basic rhythms.  Please bring zils if you have them, otherwise a few pairs will be available for the class. Sayyida Perizada. Contantinople 2:30PM

Dances of the Mughal Court (Persian & Kathak): Under the Mughal King’s patronage, dancers from across the Silk Road shared and influenced each others dance forms. In this class, we will explore Persian and North Indian (Kathak) dances, focusing on graceful arm and torso movements with exhilarating spins.  Wear clothing with a high degree of shoulder movement. Beneficial for all levels and ages 13+ (90 min). Duchess Eleanor. Constantinople 3:30PM


Beginning Pipe and Tabor: The pipe and tabor is the one man band of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  The three holed pipe is played with one hand, while a percussion instrument is played with the other.  This class will introduce the instrument and its history, most of the time will be spent on playing technique.  Ability to read music is not required.  Tabor pipes (in C) and drumsticks will be available for purchase from the instructor (fee TBA, approx. $22-25), or bring your own (any key). Class size limited to 8 participants, unlimited auditors. Master Robyyan. Brussels 10:00AM

(Western) Drumbeats for Dancebands: A dance band just doesn't really work unless there's percussion.  Many otherwise competent musicians are afraid to pick up a drum.  This class will give people the basics they need to get started drumming in a European style. Master Robyyan. Brussels 11:00AM

Hurdy-Gurdy: The hurdy-gurdy is an unusual instrument that fascinates many people.  This will be an informal demonstration and discussion of the hurdy-gurdy, introducing a bit of history, and how it works.  We may also introduce instrument maintenance and repair. Master Robyyan. Brussels 12:00PM

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