The Shire of Inner Sea presents:

Northshield Dance Seminar XIX

March 19, 2005


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Post Revel Site:

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Please join us for a day and night full of dancing!

There will be classes during the day in a variety of styles, including Italian, English Country and Middle Eastern dance, and of course an entire track aimed at beginners.

While there will be no Caroso-style Ball this year, everyone is invited to the dancing post revel, just a few miles from the event site.  Dance 'til you drop!  There will, of course, still be a Grand Ball in the evening, with music provided by the musicians of the Jararvellir Music Guild and the Warwick Consort.

If you are interested in teaching, please contact the Dance Steward.

Event Stewards:
Maestro Etienne de Clermont (Steven Bush)
Lady Debborah von Dachs (Deb Bloomquist)

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