Northshield Dance Seminar XIX

Schedule & Classes

9:00AM Saturday Site Opens
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Classes
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM Classes Continue
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM Dinner Break
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM Grand Ball
9:00 PM Post Revel Site Opens
9:30 PM Main Site Closes
8:00 AM Sunday Post Revel Site Closes

  Paris Firenze London Constantinople
10:00 AM
Intro to Pavans
Bounce, Hop, and Play the Italian Way!
A Man and a Maid
Beginning Middle Eastern Dance
11:00 AM
Intro to 16th C Italian Dance
Three for Two
ECD for an Even Number of Couples
Intermediate/Advanced Middle Eastern Dance
12:00 PM
1:30 PM
Intro to 15th C Italian Dance
Intermediate 16th C Italian Dance
Mastering the Karshlima
2:30 PM
Intro to English Country Dance
Simply Medieval
3:00 PM
The Rude Spaniard
3:30 PM
Intro to Bransles
The Old Measures
Finger Cymbals 101

Introductory Classes

Intro to Pavans: Belle Qui Pavan, Entrée Courante, Earl of Salisbury Pavan.  If there is enough time, this class will explore free form (non-choreographed) pavans. Lady Constanza de Sevilla - 10:00 AM - Paris

Intro to 16th C Italian Dance: Contrapasso in Due, La Castellana, Ballo del Fiore. Lady Daria de Tursten/Maestro Etienne de Clermont - 11:00 AM - Paris

Intro to 15th C Italian Dance: Amoroso, Petit Vriens, Gelosia. Lady Constanza de Sevilla - 1:30 PM - Paris

Intro to English Country Dance: Black Nag, Jenny Pluck Pears, Sellenger's Round, Hit & Misse. Lady Persephone L'Yvonne - 2:30 PM - Paris

Intro to Bransles: Horses', Pease, Montarde, Calafian. Baron Berwyn AEthelbryght of Ackley - 3:30 PM - Paris

Italian Dance

Bounce, Hop, and Play the Italian Way!: Learn 15th Century Italian dance using a lot of hopping steps, Rostiboli Gioioso, Predente in Giro. I hope you had sugar for breakfast! Lady Antoinette Ananas - 10:00 AM - Firenze

Intermediate 16th C Italian Dance: Bizzarria d'Amore, Bella Gioiosa.  Some knowledge of 16th C Italian dance is needed for this class.  1-1/2 hours. Lord James Tripp the Tardy - 1:30 PM - Firenze

The Rude Spaniard: Where else can you dance like a Spanish peacock (Lo Spagnoletto) and be rude to your friends without them hating you afterwards (Il Villanicco)? Come learn these two lively dances for four from Cesare Negri's Le Gratie d'Amore (1602).  Some knowledge of 16th C Italian dance is needed for this class. 1-1/2 hours. Lady Daria de Tursten/Maestro Etienne de Clermont - 3:00 PM - Firenze

English Dance

A Man and a Maid: In this class you will learn two English Country Dances, Dull Sir John and Maid Peeped Out of the Window. Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn, OL - 10:00 AM - London

ECD for an Even Number of Couples: Rufty Tufty, Heart's Ease, Heralds in Love. Lord Tarien Dane - 11:00 AM - London

Nonesuch: In this class, you will learn a 3 couple variation of the English country dance Nonesuch. Seigneur Armand de Foix - 1:30 PM - London

The Old Measures: Come learn the eight dances that began the revels at the Inns of Court for over 100 years! These dances are: Quadran Pavane, Turkelone, The Earl of Essex Measure, Tinternell, The Old Alman, Queen's Alman, Madame Sosilia Alman, Black Alman. Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn, OL - 3:30 PM - London

Mixed Genres

Three for Two: Three easy dances across the water and two centuries, Le Bens Distonys, Marchesana, Villanella. Lady Thea of Jararvellir - 11:00 AM - Firenze


Simply Medieval: Expand your repertoire with new dances.  One lively, one more stately, both with the opportunity to flirt.  Easy steps, no prior dance experience. Lady Thea of Jararvellir - 2:30 PM - London

Middle Eastern Dance

Beginning Middle Eastern Dance: A class for the true beginner, we will cover the most basic steps of Middle Eastern dance and break them down into great detail. Class will start with extensive stretching and warm-up. Sayyida Perizada bint Qamar bin Noon al-Zain - 10:00 AM - Constantinople

Intermediate/Advanced Middle Eastern Dance: Aimed at those who feel comfortable with the basics and need a challenge, this class will focus on a variety of traveling steps and combinations. Difficulty level will be tailored to meet the needs of attending students. Sayyida Perizada bint Qamar bin Noon al-Zain - 11:00 AM - Constantinople

Mastering the Karshlima: We will explore the movements of this fiery 9/8 tempo and learn an intermediate level Turkish choreography created by THL Kenya. (Performance opportunity available to those interested.) Sayyida Perizada bint Qamar bin Noon al-Zain - 1:30 PM - Constantinople

Finger Cymbals 101: An introduction to finger cymbal techniques and patterns, we will cover a variety of rhythms and practice playing them in conjunction with basic dance movements. (Finger cymbals will be provided for a *very* limited number of students.) Sayyida Perizada bint Qamar bin Noon al-Zain - 3:30 PM - Constantinople

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