Northshield Dance Seminar XVIII

Schedule & Classes

9:00AM Site Opens
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Classes
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Lunch Break
Lunch will be available on site for a small fee.
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM Classes Continue
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM Caroso Ball
5:30 PM - 7:00 PM Dinner Break
7:00 PM - 7:30 PM Northshield Choir Concert
7:30 PM - 10:45 PM Grand Ball
11:00 PM Site Closes

  Terrace Delta Lower Mississippi Upper Mississippi
10:00 AM
Intro to 16th C. Italian Dance
Leoncello, Old & New: for Three or Two
English Country Dance - In the Round
Stretching For Dancers
11:00 AM
Intro to English Country Dance
Surely You Joust?
Flirting, fighting, and dances that hop
Beginners Middle Eastern
12:00 PM
1:00 PM
Intro to 15th C. Italian Dance
Cute Cascarde
Beyond Beginning English Country Dance
Northshield Middle Eastern Dance
2:00 PM
Intro to the Old Measures
Furious and Gentle - Two 16th c. Italian Dances
Advanced Basics
3:00 PM
Intro to the Bransle
Reconstructing 16th Century Italian Dances
An English Country Miscellany
Putting It Together
4:00 PM
Caroso Ball
Self-Massage for Dancers

Introductory Classes

Introduction to 16th C. Italian Dance: Ballo del Fiore, Contrapasso in Due, Villanella - THL Adele Desfontaines - Terrace - 10 AM

Introduction to English Country Dance: Black Nag, Heart's Ease, Jenny Pluck Pears, Sellinger's Round - Idonea of Nordskogen - Terrace - 11 AM

Introduction to 15th C. Italian Dance: Amoroso, Gelosia, Rostiboli - Lady Daria de Tursten - Terrace - 1 PM

Introduction to the Old Measures: Quadran Pavan, Turkelone, Earl of Essex Measure, Tinternell, Old Alman, Black Alman - Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn - Terrace - 2 PM

Introduction to the Bransle: Bransle Suite (Double, Single, Scottish, Charlotte), Horses', Maltese, Montard, Official - Lady Isabella Beatrice della Rosa - Terrace - 3 PM

Italian Dance

Leoncello, Old & New - for Three or Two: Two versions of a 15th cent. Italian choreography, one for two (Leocello Vecchio) the other for three (Leoncello Novo). Familiarity with steps helpful but not required. - Lady Thea of Jararvellir - Delta - 10 AM

Surely You Joust?: So you ask, what does jousting have to do with dancing? To answer that question, we look at Fabritio Caroso's "Il Ballarino" (1581). There are four dances where Caroso mentions doing steps in a jousting manner. This class will explore two of these dances, Maraviglia d'Amore and Bella Gioiosa. - Maestro Etienne de Clermont - Delta - 11 AM

Cute Cascarde: They're cute! They're quick! They're Caroso! Even dancers casually commencing their careers in cavorting can show off courtly carriage with these two capers - La Castellana and Chiara Stella! - THL Adele Desfontaines - Delta - 1 PM

Furious and Gentle - Two 16th c. Italian Dances: Furioso is unusual in being a longways set of three couples and a circle dance as well. The steps are simple, but the pace is quick in places. Laura Gentile is a pavan/galliard pair with no galliard steps in the galliard section (a kinder, gentler galliard!). - Mistress Urraca Yriarte de Gamboa - Delta - 2 PM

Reconstructing 16th Century Italian Dances: So you've learned how to do some Italian dancing, now come and learn how those dances turn from all Italian to something that the average ordinary dancer can understand, any and all are welcome no previous Italian dance or language experience necessary! - Lady Genevieve - Delta - 3 PM


Stretching For Dancers: The title says it all, really.  This is a class for ALL dancers, not just Middle Eastern dancers.  Loose fitting, comfy garb is a must.  NO BODICES OR CORSETS!  If possible, wear something you don't mind sitting around on the floor on.  Please be prepared to take your shoes and socks off..... - Lady Micheline Elphinstone (called Meehesh) - Upper Mississippi - 10 AM

Self-Massage For Dancers: This is a nice way to wrap up the day, with some easy stretching to get the muscles ready for massage.  We will be doing self massage during the class, the extent of which is determined by the student's comfort level.  Again, NO BODICES OR CORSETS!  Wear comfy clothes, and be prepared to take your shoes and socks off! - Lady Micheline Elphinstone (called Meehesh) - Lower Mississippi - 4 PM

Middle Eastern Dance

Beginners Middle Eastern: This is a great follow up to the stretching class, and would be great for the "brand new newbie".  We will learn basic moves, counting, and various traveling steps.  This is NOT a routine class, and we will not be performing later in the day.  Again, strictly basics.  (No zills, canes, swords, etc.)  Again, NO BODICES OR CORSETS!  Wear comfy garb, and something to tie around your waist. Hip scarves, veils, belts that make noise....just something to put around your waist. - Lady Micheline Elphinstone (called Meehesh) - Upper Mississippi - 11 AM

Northshield Middle Eastern Dance: An open forum for those who wish to do more with Middle Eastern Dance.  Will work on choreographies and improvisational dance.  Class is open to anyone wishing to do Middle Eastern Dance. - Lady Innokenti Rublyov (called Kenya ) - Upper Mississippi - 1 PM

Advanced Basics: Furthering the basics of Middle Eastern Dance and working toward combinations and integrations of the basic movements.  Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced all welcome.  Will work at the level of attendees. - Lady Innokenti Rublyov (called Kenya ) - Upper Mississippi - 2 PM

Putting It Together: You know the moves, now learn how to put them together into a performance.  Topics will include introductions, entrances, combinations, and improvisation. Intermediate and Advanced students welcome.  If possible, bring a veil (2 hrs.) - Sayyida Perizada bint Qamar bin Noon al-Zain - Upper Mississippi - 3 PM

English Dance

English Country Dance - In the Round: Gathering Peascods, Fickle Ladies, Fryar and the Nun. All three dances are ECD circle dances "for as many as will." We'll start with the easy ones and learn as many as time allows. - Baron Grimmund Blackwing - Lower Mississippi - 10 AM

Flirting, fighting, and dances that hop: Madam Sosilia Alman, Lorayne Alman, Queen's Alman, Saltarello La Regina. - Lady Rochl bas Gershom Sternkiker - Lower Mississippi - 11 AM

Beyond Beginning English Country Dance: Okay, you know the steps and the basics now, let's see what else you can do with them. This is NOT a beginner's class. Best to come armed with legs that have a clue which way to go. Dances to be taught: Whirligig, Glory of the West, Chestnut, Newcastle , Return of Spring, and Stingo (2 hrs.) - Mistress Elashava bas Riva/Lord Tosten du Calais - Lower Mississippi - 1 PM

An English Country Miscellany: Rufty Tufty, Heralds in Love, Dargason - Lord Tarien Dane - Lower Mississippi - 3 PM

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