Northshield Dance Seminar XVII

Schedule & Classes

9:00AM Site Opens
10:00AM - 12:00PM Classes
12:00PM - 1:00PM Lunch Break
Lunch will not be available for purchase on site.
1:00PM - 4:00PM Classes Continue
4:00PM - 5:30PM Caroso Ball (Middle Eastern Classes Continue)
5:30PM - 7:00PM Dinner Break
7:00PM - 11:15PM Grand Ball
11:30PM Site Closes

  A B C D
10:00 AM Intro to 16th C. Italian The Old Measures Jealousy & Joy


11:00 AM Intro to the Bransle English Country for Three Couples Simple 16th C. Italian Dances for Two


12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Intro to 15th C. Italian English Country Dance - In the Round Beginning Middle Eastern Dance Beautiful, Bouncy Int. Italian Dances
2:00 PM Intro to Alman, Pavan & Galliard More Bransles Intermediate Italian For Two Couples
2:30 PM Northshield Middle Eastern Dance Guild Meeting
3:00 PM Intro to English Country Dance Dances With Sticks Dance Drama from the North
4:00 PM



Middle Eastern Advanced Basics Caroso Ball

Introductory Classes

These classes are meant to be an overview of dances typically done in the SCA. The classes are designed for beginners, no experience necessary, although those with more experience are welcome as well.

Introduction to 16th C. Italian Dance: Ballo del Fiore, Contrapasso in Due, Villanella - Lady Adele Desfontaines - Room A - 10 AM

Introduction to the Bransle: Montarde, Official, Horses', Pease - Lady Pfahn - Room A - 11 AM

Introduction to 15th C. Italian Dance: Amoroso, Anello, Petit Vriens - THL Teleri ferch Morgant ap Rhys - Room A - 1 PM

Introduction to the Alman, Pavan and Galliard: Carolingian Pavanne & Galliard, Black Alman - Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn - Room A - 2 PM

Introduction to English Country Dance: Rufty Tufty, Hearts Ease, Heralds in Love - Lord Tarien Dane - Room A - 3 PM

Italian Dance

Jealousy & Joy: Many of the dances in 15th Century Italy were designed around themes, such as love and hate. In this class you will experience Jealousy (Gelosia) and Joy (Rostiboli Gioioso/Gioioso in Tre) - Lady Magda Vogelsang - Room C - 10 AM

Simple 16th Century Italian Dances for Two: So, you have always heard that Italian dance was hard and you've thought, "I can never learn that." Well, I am here to change your mind. Come learn two newly reconstructed dances from Caroso's "Il Ballarino," La Castellana and Laccio d'Amore - THL Etienne de Clermont - Room C - 11 AM

Beautiful, Bouncy Intermediate Italian Dances: These two 16th century Italian dances, Bizzarria d'Amore and Bella Gioiosa, provide a chance for a little drama with some bounces - Lady Daria de Tursten - Room D - 1 PM

Intermediate Italian For Two Couples: In this class you will learn two 16th Century Italian dances from Cesare Negri, Lo Spagnoletto and Villanicco. Some knowledge of 16th C. Italian dance would be helpful - Lord Gwommy Anpurpaidh - Room D - 2 PM

Dance Drama from the North: With music by an Ealdormere Bard, and choreography by an Ealdormere dance mistress, comes a dance unlike many you've ever seen in the SCA. With high emotion, Mordred's Lullaby portrays Morgan le Fay of Arthurian legend, raising her son to hate his father. Some familiarity with 15th century Italian dance steps is helpful for the class - Lady Rochl bas Gershom Sternenkiker - Room D - 3 PM

Middle Eastern Dance

Beginning Middle Eastern Dance: Suitable for the complete novice as well as those who have some experience with Middle Eastern Dance, this class will focus on the basic movements, form and techniques of Arabic dance, such as: hip drops, hip circles, torso isolations, undulations, arm movements, shimmies and moving across the floor. Techniques will be combined into combinations, so that students will leave the class with ideas for future dances - Viscountess Morgan Camelen Melintaur - Room C - 1 PM

Northshield Middle Eastern Dance Guild Meeting: An open forum for those who wish to do more with Middle Eastern Dance. Will work on improvisational dance and beginning some small choreographies. Class is open to anyone wishing to do Middle Eastern Dance. - Room C - 2:30 PM

Middle Eastern Advanced Basics: Furthering the basics of Middle Eastern Dance and working toward combinations and integrations of the basic movements. Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced all welcome. Will work at the level of attendees. Lady Innokenti Rublyov (called Kenya) - Room C - 4 PM

Other Dance

The Old Measures: Learn the first four Old Measures from the London Inns of Court, Quadran Pavan, Turkelone, Earl of Essex Measures and Tinternell - Mistress Rosanore of Redthorn - Room B - 10 AM

English Country for Three Couples: So, you have six peole who want to dance. What dances will you do??? Here are three choices to flirt, show-off and have fun with - Hit & Miss, Black Nag, and Picking of Sticks. Brought to you by the popular and dynamic duo of Mistress Elashava and Lord Tosten - Room B - 11 AM

English Country Dance - In the Round: Gathering Peascods, Sellenger's Round, Fickle Ladies, Fryar and the Nun. All four dances are ECD circle dances "for as many as will." We'll start with the easy ones and learn as many as time allows - Baron Grimmund Blackwing - Room B - 1 PM

More Bransles: This class will teach you two more Bransles, the SCA Maltese Bransle and the Scottish Bransle. In addition, you will learn a Bransle-like dance, Quen Quer Que, choreographed by Master Sion Andreas o Wynedd based upon 13th Century drawings of dance - Lady Ann Tesedale - Room B - 2 PM

Dances With Sticks: You'll show those knights who's boss after learning Buffens, Arbeau's 16th dance with swords - Lady Daria de Tursten - Room B - 3 PM

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