Northshield Dance Seminar XVI


  Paris Firenze Alexandria Innsburck Cairo
10:00 AM Intro to the Bransle Chiaranzana


Entering A&S Beginning Middle Eastern Dance
11:00 AM Intro to 15th C. Italian Wonderous Love


Travels of a Gentleman Beginning Traveling Steps
12:00 PM Lunch
1:00 PM Intro to English Country Dance I Int. 16th C Italian Int. English Country Dance Dance Reconstruction Debke
2:00 PM Intro to Alman, Pavan & Galliard Int. 15th C Italian


Expanding Middle Eastern Techniques
3:00 PM Intro to 16th C. Italian Basse Danse Orange Lemonade Bransle d'Champagne Arm Movements
4:00 PM Intro to English Country Dance II Dui in Tre English Country Dance Rochl's Random Ramblings Karshlima

Introductory Classes

These classes are meant to be an overview of dances typically done in the SCA. The classes are designed for beginners, no experience necessary, although those with more experience are welcome as well.

Introduction to the Bransle: Montarde, Official, Horses', Pease - Tsire Tuzevo - Paris - 10 AM

Introduction to 15th C. Italian Dance: Anello, Petit Vriens, Amoroso - Éile inghean Áilgheasaigh - Paris - 11 AM

Introduction to English Country Dance I: Rufty Tufty, Heart's Ease, Black Nag - Brun Hilda von Berg - Paris - 1 PM

Introduction to Pavanne/Galliard/Alman: Carolingian Pavanne & Galliard, Black Alman - Rosanore of Redthorn - Paris - 2 PM

Introduction to 16th C. Italian Dance: Ballo del Fiore, Contrapasso in Due, Dolce Amoroso Fiamma - Etienne de Clermont & Alina of Foxwood - Paris - 3 PM

Introduction to English Country Dance II: Sellinger's Round, Gathering Peascods, Jenny Pluck Pears, Rince Fada - Persephone L'Yvonne - Paris - 4 PM

English Country Dance

Intermediate English Country Dance: Faine I Would, Hyde Park, Newcastle - Elashava bas Riva - Alexandria - 1 PM (2 hrs.)

Orange Lemonade: Put Oranges & Lemons and Whirlygig together, see what you get - Magdalena Vogelsang - Alexandria - 3 PM

English Country Dance: Heralds in Love, Female Sailor - Pfahn of Falcon's Keep - Alexandria - 4 PM

Italian Dance

Taking Trenchmore to the Next Level: Chiaranzana - Isaac de Hugo - Firenze - 10 AM

Wonderous Love: Come learn the wonders of love as only 16th Century Italian dance can portray them. Featuring Maraviglia d'Amore (the Wonder of Love), a playful cascarde for 2 from Caroso's Il Ballarino, and Griffone d'Oro (Golden Griffin), my own 16th C. Italian style choreography for 2. - Alina of Foxwood - Firenze - 11 AM

Intermediate 16th Century Italian Dance: Bella Gioiosa, Leggiadria d'Amore - Antoinette - Firenze - 1 PM

Intermediate 15th Century Italian Dance: Prexonera, Rostiboli Gioioso, Gioioso in Tre - Daria de Tursten - Firenze - 2 PM

Dui in Tre (Two for three by Domenico): Two intermediate 15c. dances (Leoncello novo and Belriguardo novo) for three by Messr. Domenico. Participants should have some dance experience; basic knowledge of 15c steps useful but not required - Thea - Firenze - 4 PM

Middle Eastern Dance

Beginning Middle Eastern Dance: Perizada bint Qamar - Cairo - 10 AM

Beginning Travelling Steps: Learn some basic steps to connect your Middle Eastern dance moves - Ann & Diana Tesedale - Cairo - 11 AM

Debke: A Turkish line dance for men and women. Come learn this simple, energetic dance. Great for beginners! - Diana Tesedale - Cairo - 1 PM

Expanding Middle Eastern Dance Techniques: The class will advance depending upon the participants. Intention is to move a bit beyond the absolute basics; however, beginners are encouraged to attend as well - Kenya - Cairo - 2 PM

Arm Movements - Framing Your Art: Learn arm movements to accentuate your Middle Eastern Dance - Perizada bint Qamar - Cairo - 3 PM

Karshlima: This class will teach movements to create a dance to a 9/8 rhythm. An intermediate level class - Kenya - Cairo - 4 PM

Other Dance and Classes

Entering Dance in A&S: Christian d'Hiver - Innsbruck - 10 AM

Travels of a Gentlemen: A variety of dances from a variety of places: John Tallow's Cannon, Posten's Jig, Bizzarria d'Amore - Tarien Dane - Innsbruck - 11 AM

Dance Reconstruction: This class will be a practical experience in translating a dance from the original Italian into modern English. Students will work on a translation of a section of a dance and then demonstrate that section to the others in the class. If there are enough students, we will divide into small groups and see how the different groups interpret the same passage. A basic Italian Dance glossary will be furnished, but students are encouraged to bring their own Italian/English Dictionaries if they have them - Aidan Morgana Evans - Innsbruck - 1 PM

Basse Danse: Basso Lauro, Casuelle la Novelle - Conrad Martin von Kassel - Firenze - 3 PM

Arbeau's Mixed Bransles d'Champagne Suite: Cassandre, Pinagay, Charlotte, Guerre, Aridan - Nawson ben Masud - Innsbruck - 3 PM

Rochl's Random Ramblings: Three interesting dances from three different repertoires: 15th C Burgundian bassedanse, 15th C Italian ballo, and 16th C English Inns of Court. Come to this class to learn which is which (bonus if you already know), and why I like each of these dances: Madam Sosilia Alman, Danse de Cleves, Pizochara - Rochl bas Chaim Sternkiker - Innsbruck - 4 PM

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