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Update 22
Wow! My first non-"Quikscript Outpost" update in... Ages. Well, calm yourself - This is just a maintenance update. I noticed that some of the links in my links page were dead & no one likes a "links graveyard," now do they? No, they don't. So, I've taken them out for now & will see if they've moved or if they're gone for real.

As for other stuff, well... Let's just say that I've always got some irons in the fire. It's peculiar... I have a very high standard when it comes to releasing something on the main site. I probably shouldn't have such a high standard... I'd have released lots of stuff by now. However, it's best to say one or two things well then to say lots of stuff & have most of it turn out to be crap not as well as it could be.

So, for now, you'll just have to suffer with more silence. That's just how things are. I thank you for stopping by. Please come again.

UPDATE 22.01
Apparently, not everyone can download a plain .SXW (old OpenOffice format) file. Bummer. Rather then devote time, effort & energy towards a practical solution that benefits everyone (Who'd want that?), I've placed the .SXW Huneybee font chart into a .ZIP file. That should buy me some time to sit on my butt & do absolutely nothing convert the few documents I offer into a .PDF file so that everyone can partake in my literary greatness (not to mention neverending humility).

Update 21
UPDATE 21.01
A character key chart has now been added to the fonts page for the "Honeybee" font.

Can you believe it? When it rains, it pours! Check out my new uber-basic section, dedicated to a vastly-improved Japanese Puzzle Designer (& it's Player) v2.0! With the addition of this new program, my previous program (version 1.0) is now obsolete & has been removed from the website.

As always, I thank you for stopping by. Please come again.

Update 20 Wow. My first non-"Quikscript Outpost" update in...Well, a very long, long while. I went back to programming in Visual Basic 5 (yeah, I know...) & out popped a new program - Japanese Puzzle Designer v1.0! Go to "projects" to get to it.

Um...That's it for now. Thanks for stopping by.

Update 19 Wow! Can you believe it?! After multiple delays, I finally have my new design here. Ain't it neat? Now, you might be asking, "Hey, where's 'Smiley,' your mascot?" If you are, then you don't seem to have much of a social life. Get out from underneath that rock of yours & experience life to it's fullest. Well, Smiley's taking a break. After all, one can only keep their eyeballs wide open for so long. Maybe it'll be back & maybe not. You never know.

As with all my other ventures, this is a work-in-progress. Links might not work, colors might change unannounced...Things like that. The good stuff.

So, look around & enjoy. Thanks for your everlasting patience. Have a nice day.