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Stock List

Additional information about Sallie's photography may be obtained through the Green Book on-line (www.agpix.com). An extensive stock list is included through her profile page.

Project Archives

Some examples of Sallie's work with the Smithsonian Institution's Office of Printing and Publication Services (OPPS) may be found at the OPPS web pages, by typing "Sallie Sprague" in the "search" box. Two groups of Sallie's photos are included in the OPPS image bank: Activities and monuments in DC over Memorial Day, 1990, and the Festival of American Folklife, 1990. Only those images added to the on-line OPPS pages will be shown in the search described above.

Sallie maintains active files of her images from work with Smithsonian scientists from the National Museum of Natural History on the Arenal Volcano in 1990 (geology) and 1991 (botany). She also maintains half of the work she shot for a cultural study on logging and the town of Orofino, Idaho. The other half of that work resides in archives with one of the Smithsonian Museums. She maintains active files of her photos with the Biological Diversity of the Guiana's Program, covering botanical collection in the interior of Guyana as well as a variety of notable landmarks and activities in Georgetown and around Guyana. Duplicates of the botanical shots taken near Imbaimadai are on file in the Botany Department at the National Museum of Natural History, in conjunction with the herbarium samples.

While living in Bellingham, Washington, Sallie worked with a variety of citizen, industry and government groups working to protect and improve habitat for native salmon species. Some of this work may be seen on the website of the Nooksack Salmon Enhancent Association who has duplicates of many of Sallie's slides. Originals may be obtained from Sallie Sprague Photography.

Late in 2001, Sallie returned to Colorado where the sun shines most days. She is now working part time in natural resources and part time selling stock photos from her files.

Professional Membership

Sallie is a charter member of NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association).

Contact Info

In Colorado, phone 970.472.0863. Please call first before sending a fax. Email photos@saspra.com (or saspra@earthlink.net if you have problems with photos@saspra.com).

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