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Fiddlehead unfolding © Sallie G. Sprague
Jack-in-the-Pulpit, WV © Sallie G. Sprague
Sobralia orchid, Costa Rica © Sallie G. Sprague
Antelope Horns, AZ © Sallie G. Sprague
Purple Trillium, WV © Sallie G. Sprague False Hellibore, WA © Sallie G. Sprague Rocky Mt. Columbine, CO © Sallie G. Sprague
Lotus pods, Guyana © Sallie G. Sprague
Acid rain resistant fern, Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica © Sallie G. Sprague
Barrel cactus, AZ © Sallie G. Sprague
Ocotillo and Saguaro cactus, AZ © Sallie G. Sprague
Joshua tree bud, CA © Sallie G. Sprague

Botanical collections are available from diverse habitats and locations. Please inquire for more information about species on file from:


Pacific Northwest

Colorado Mountains

Tropical Forests of Costa Rica

Rain Forests of Interior Guyana

Desert Species from Death Valley, Arizona and Utah

West Virginia


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