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Greeting Cards and Post Cards for Sale


A. Traditionally printed, glossy, coated cards from color separated images.

I. Greeting Cards

Blank cards, 4" x 5 7/8", with an explanatory note about the flower on the back of each card. Standard assortments (with envelopes) are:

A) two of each design per dozen,

B) four each of three Pacific Northwest designs per dozen, and

C) four each of three tropical designs per dozen.


© Sallie G. Sprague © Sallie G. Sprague © Sallie G. Sprague

Bunchberry, Dwarf Dogwood

Pacific Northwest

Epiphytic Orchid



Prairie Smoke

Pacific Northwest


© Sallie G. Sprague
© Sallie G. Sprague
© Sallie G. Sprague

Lover's Lips

Costa Rica



Red Columbine

Pacific Northwest

Blank Card Assortments Contain: Price per 12-pack
A) Mix 2 each of all 6 designs $10 plus S&H
B) Pacific Northwest 4 each of: Columbine, Bunchberry & Pairie Smoke $10 plus S&H
C) Tropical 4 each of: Orchid, Heliconia & Lover's Lips $10 plus S&H

II. Holiday Greeting Cards

Two botanical designs are available at$10 per dozen plus S&H.

A) Euphorbia with inside greeting: JOY

B) Andromeda with inside gretting: REJOICE.

Holiday cards are the same size and printing as the blank greeting cards described above.


III. Post Cards

Two designs are available at three for $1 plus S&H. Cards are 4" x 5 7/8".

A) Mt. Baker and the Roosevelt Glacier in Washington

B) The Tower at Dungeness, Cumberland Island, Georgia, before the1959 fire that destroyed the building (photo by Howard B. Sprague, Jr.)

Wholesale pricing is available for orders over 500 postcards.


B. Polaroid Art Cards

Reproductions of Polaroid prints which have been individually manipulated following development and before hardening of the emulsion. The manipulated prints often defy categorization as photographic, impressionistic or watercolor renderings of a scene. Images are hand-mounted on high quality blank greeting cards (linen, watercolor paper or wedding invitation stock.) Cards are approximately 5" x 6", manipulated prints approximately 3" x 3", suitable for framing.


I. Cumberland Island Assortments

One each of four designs, with envelopes. Inside BLANK. $19/package plus S&H.

A) Greyfield Inn and Grounds, Cumberland Island, Georgia

Greyfield Inn, Live Oak and Bench, Live Oaks at Beach Entrance, Pergola House

B) Cumberland Island Scenes, Georgia

Dungeness Ruins, Plum Orchard, Stafford, Wild Horses Grazing at Dungeness

II. Custom Packages

Additional Polaroid art cards can be ordered by number in assortments of your choice. Please visit the Polaroid page to view some of the available images.


At this time card orders can only be placed by mail with a US check or money order. Use the handy order form which you can print and mail to us.

Shipping and handling is currently $4 for the first 5 packs of greeting cards, and an additional $3 for the next 5 packs, for delivery in the US by USPS Priority Mail. For Polaroid Art Cards, shipping and handling is $4 for the first 12 packs, and an additional $3 for the next 12 packs.

Please inquire by email or go to the ORDER FORM if you wish to order cards. Thank you.

If you would like to receive our annual greetings and card catalog in early November, please send your snail mail address to us by email.


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