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Suspension bridge in Nepal © Sallie G. Sprague Sunset, Cumberland Island, GA © Sallie G. Sprague Prairie Smoke © Sallie G. Sprague
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica © Sallie G. Sprague
Glacier Bay NP © Sallie G. Sprague Coho salmon fry © Sallie G. Sprague Bald eagle, SE Alaska © Sallie G. Sprague

Sallie Sprague Photography

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You may click on any linked photos to see a larger version and read about the image or the location. Clicking on the text below an image will take you to a "Contents" page for that subject. Please note that additional pages and photos will be added as soon as they are ready. Thanks for your patience. Feel free to send comments about this site. Images were prepared on a Macintosh, and lightened somewhat so that the images SHOULD be okay on PC monitors as well. Let us know if images are too dark or too light. Thanks.

Any and all photos are available for purchase as prints, or for publication. Please send a message if you are interested in prices for prints or publication use. Additional images are available in all the listed categories, as is a stock list detailing the slide files. Check the links page to access a complete stock list.


Collecting volcanic ash samples, Costa Rica © Sallie G. Sprague
Tidal estuary, Wales © Sallie G. Sprague
Natural History
Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica © Sallie G. Sprague
Science and Environmental Documentation
Bromeliad along the Partang River, Guyana © Sallie G. Sprague
Stories and Projects
Melastome, Costa Rica © Sallie G. Sprague
Botanical Collections
Roof tops of Georgetown, Guyana © Sallie G. Sprague

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