DM POCKETBIKE: updated!!


Much additional work has been put into the DM, so I made a new page.  The bike is now 2003 official spec, or better, aside from the front hub.  That little bit of weight is of no concern to me.  The new billet wheels are 1 oz. lighter than the stockers, but wha tI'm hoping is that they'll be far stronger.  I dented my old rear wheel, so I figured, what the heck ;)  I added a 50cc Polini head for more torque as well.

2002 DM 'Brutale' midi

 watercooled  50cc  engine, 18mm carb

Custom steering damper, ZPF handlebars, custom levers, billet wheels


BAM! Note awesome billet wheels!!

Note ZPF handlebars.  These bars, when ground down a little, provide a Polini 911-like turning radius, great for farting around.  I aded a set of old Avid brake levers too, which are adjustable for leverage, and feel much better than stock ones.  You can sometimes find these used on EBay for $40-80.

The billet wheels are the ULTIMATE upgrade.  They don't leak air, and should be stronger than the originals.  The original tires leaked pretty badly thru the valve stems.  After 1 week, my rear billet wheel had 28psi (same as when I filled it), while the front standard wheel went from 27psi to 12psi!  The new front billet wheel went on today, and I ain't looking back!