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Nancy Cain
Award-winning independent filmmaker, producer, videographer and co-creator of "CamNet." Ms. Cain's presentation for college audiences includes taped highlights of her years as one of America's most innovative video pioneers.

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CamNet: Those Who Cam, Do
by Michael Goldberg (WIRED, September 1994)

They have interviewed high school students who sell condoms (and fear AIDS) at Condomania, a trendy Melrose Avenue prophylactic store.

They have tagged along with John, the nude handyman, as he repaired a leaky faucet in his birthday suit.

They have videotaped the Church Ladies for Choice singing to the tune of Malvina Reynold's "Little Boxes": "Psycho Christians, blocking health care, and they all look just the same; There's a white one and a white one and a white one and a white one; Psycho Christians blocking health care, and they all look just the same."

They have toured the Nixon Library, hung out with anti-nuke protesters in the Nevada desert , and aired previously unseen outtakes from Elvis' 1968 comeback special. They have caught up with writer Paul Bowles in Tangiers and journeyed to Amsterdam to cover High Times magazine's official 1994 Cannabis Cup, a smoke-out where so much dope was consumed that one gets a contact high just watching the footage.

And, on a less humorous note, one of the far-flug journalists (VJ's, they call themselves, and they're not referring to Kennedy and her MTV brethren) interviewed students and parents in Kalkaska, Michigan, on the day that a public school was closed because the community vetoed, for the third time, a tax increase. One 59-year-ol resident whose seven children (and several grandchildren) attended the Kalkaska schools admits with no apparent remorse, "I voted 'No' on every one of them."

They are CamNet, the Camcorder Network, and they want to liberate your TV screen. (CONT'D)