Favorite Writers

Only a small sample since  I'll  read anything that has interesting idea on the back cover.

Robert A. Heinlein: This man and his work had an incredible impact on my life. He defined freedom and patriotism to me. His work shows how one does a science fiction story.  I  also like writers who are heavily influenced by Heinlein, like David Gerrold and Spder Robinson.

Isaac Asimov: The great defender of science and reason.  He was the great explainer.  He was able to make the most complex scientific concepts easily understandable.   He was also a great humorist.

Arthur C. Clarke: No one can bring such visions as Europa, a Space Elevator, or the atmosphere of Jupiter too life as this man can. His stories have realistic accidents or mistakes one would see in real life (the battery problem towards the end of The Fountains of Paradise and the missiles in The Hammer from God for example). Hopefully we may see more of his ideas come to life in the years to come.

Harlan Ellison: This writer like Heinlein also had made an impression on me. I respect the stands he has made on political/social issues, even when I have disagreed with them. His excellent use of the language has always blown me away. It is a shame that many of his screenplays have never been produced instead we get gems like Event Horizon and Independence Day.

Tom Clancy: Always provides fully fleshed characters. Through his books one knows why a person becomes a soldier, spy, politician or terrorist. One sees their motivations for how  they conduct their lives. He also makes what would seem impossible seem all too plausible.

Connie Willis: The funniest lady in SF,  I always get a smile from her work. Her work always attacks the insanity of political correctness.

Tanith Lee: Been looking into her short fiction recently. She has found some interesting things in her explorations into the fairy tale. She has an incredible command of  the language.  Need get some time to read her novels.

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