REAL NAME: Juan J. Sanmiguel

OCCUPATION: Electrical Engineer in title but performing the job of a systems and software engineer for the Department of Defense- Naval Air Warfare Center- Training Systems Division.

PLACE AND DATE OF BIRTH: Miami, FL. March 14, 1971

BASE OF OPERATIONS:  Orlando and Miami, FL

POLITICAL PARTY: Independent with serious leaning towards libertarian.

RELIGION: Roman Catholic(practicing, I hope to get it right one day).


GROUP AFFILATION: World Science Fiction Society, Orlando SF Society, Associate Member of Postal Union(I am on their Health Care Plan), American Federal & Govenment Employees (AFGE) Local 2113.


HOBBIES AND INTERESTS: Speculative Fiction(mainly Science Fiction but Horror and Fantasy on occasion), history, bike riding, weight lifting

AMBITIONS: Basically make enough to support a family and attend Worldcon for the rest of my life( the next Ackerman??!!!). Get a doctorate in a technical field or save enough and buy a comic store(Way to go Kevin Smith).

HISTORY: Just an ordinary guy born into a Colombian family. A B student in college and high school. Into SF(not Sci Fi) since I could see Trek. In my early teens got heavily into literary SF. Been to a lot of interesting places: England, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Scotland, Australia, Canada and Japan.

POWERS: The ability of remembering minutia. Not just trivia but stuff that people tell me years ago they are surprised I remember. Pretty good with things technical. I can usually pick up things quickly. I learned HTML pretty quick for instance. Beside that I have a lot of stamina since I can do long distance bike riding. I do try to use this powers for good.

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