Micro Reviews


January 2008

Blade Runner: The Final Cut (Theatrical Film)- A film we have been all waiting for. A film which some thought would never happen due to the fact the were conflicting vision of the film. The true vision of Ridley Scott. I love the fact the scene with the dove now is corrected. It looks great.

Vossof And Nimmitz: Just a Couple of Idiots Reupholstering Time and Space by Adam-Troy Castro – The story of two incompetent criminals and their capers.  It was hilarious.  Good use of physical comedy.  At the same time Castro has fun with classic SF tropes.

Persuasion (TV Movie) - The first of a series of Jane Austen adaptations. The production values are first rate. I find it interesting how some of the British aristocracy looked down on the Navy particular since it was critical to Britain's success.

Cloverfield (Theatrical Film) - Reviewed in Feb 2008 Event Horizon.

The Lost Queen by Frewin Jones - Tania returns to mortal world with her lover Edric to find her mother Queen Titania. Titania has been lost in the mortal world for centuries. Tania finds coming back to London complicated. Some of her sisters join her when Faerie has been attacked. The need to find the Queen is now critical. Can Tania, Edric and Tania's sisters find Titania in time to save Faerie? A good sequel. The book furthers the plot. It is fun to see how Tania and her sisters deal with the mortal world. For Tania it is more complicated since she has to decide between the two. It does end on a cliff hanger. The good thing is I want to know how it ends.

Northanger Abbey (TV Movie) - Production values are top notch. I think the message of this one is not get lost in fiction and keep yourslef grounded. I like Austen examining the literature of her time.

Variable Star by Robert A. Heinlein and Spider Robinson - Reviewed in Feb 2008 Event Horizon.

Chekov's Enterprise by Walter Koenig - A journal by Walter Koenig during the filming of Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Very insightful into the making of the movie. I am surprised that it is out of print. I mean I know people did not like the movie but it still made money and justiufied several sequels. It was great to see a bottom up view of the film.

Mansfield Park (TV Movie) - Billie Piper was just great. She is one of those actresses who the camera seems to love. I like it the fact that she play a character who is low key through much of the film. You notice her but it does detract from the main action.

Eli Stone (TV Series) - The world needs more quirky TV shows and lawyers. It is kind of like Wonderwalls with a brain anuersim. I just wonder who will replace George Michael in the next season.

February 2008

Jane Austen Regrets (TV Movie) – Another look at the life of Jane Austen.  Covered areas not shown in Becoming Jane. Very insightful to one of the world’s most famous novelists.

Dead Sea by Brian Keene -  A zombie plague, which crosses over species, is infecting everything.  A group of people try to escape on a Coast Guard cutter.  They try to find supplies and sanctuary from the zombies.  There are some good scary moments.  I did not like the take that animals could get infected.  If anything can become a zombie then how do you stop the plague?  Well written book but too pessimistic.

The Long Blue Good-Bye by John D. MacDonald – The first of the Travis McGee novels. It sets up the character pretty well.  He is a man who hates seeing people taking advantage of the weak.  He has a great sense of honor.  Its great reading about a Floridian hero. 

Persopolis (Theatrical Film) – A self autobiographical film of Marjane Satrapi and how she lived before and after the Iranian revolution.  The film tells a complex story and uses animationt to tell it.  Wild takes are used when appropriate.  At the same the animation can convey a highly serious subject.  This shows that animation can tell any type of story.

Beyond Apollo by Barry Longyear – An astronaut comes back from an attempt to land on Venus.  The commander of the mission does not make it back.   We shift between in the life of the astronaut before, during and after the mission.  What happened to the spaceship at Venus?  The book is an unromantic view of the space program.  We are not sure if our protagonist is sane, insane or is being manipulate by the Venusians.  A nice tight story. 

The Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosley – The first Easy Rawlins story. Set in the late 40s, Easy looses his job at an aircraft plant.  Easy takes a job of finding someone in order to pay his mortgage.   Easy gets pulled into world of intrigue and he cannot trust those around him.   Easy is a lot like McGee. He is smart, resourceful and also lives by a code.  Easy has the added burden of dealing with a society which has stacked the deck against him. Still despite this Easy is able figure out the situation.

Diary of the Dead (Theatrical Movie) – Is it real if does not happen on TV?  That is the question George Romero asks in this film.  He uses the zombie infestation to analyze the current media.  It is interesting.  The acting is a bit odd but that is typical Romero.  A sequel to this film would be interesting.

Interworld by Neil Gaiman and Michael Reaves – There are a bunch of parallel Earths on a dimensional arc.  On one side of the arc exists world with magic.  On the other side of the arc are world with super science.  Our Earth is in the middle.  On each earth is an individual who can walk between the worlds.  These individuals are recruited in order to prevent a powerful magical order and technological order from domination the other Earths.  This is the story of one individual and how they are recruited and face his first challenge.  This was originally a proposal for a TV series.  Unfortunately the execs could not get it.  It ends at a good place.  The story is done by there is room for more.

The Sorcerer King by Frewin Jones – Tania, her mother Tatiana, and her sisters go back to Faerie and try to the stop the Sorcerer King from conquering Faerie.  Tania and her sisters go to free their father while Tatiana rallies Faerie.  This is a fun version of Faerie.  I like the fact there is room for redemption.  There is also a good resolution of Tania relationship with Faerie and the Mortal world.

Nightmare in Pink by John D. MacDonald – Travis tries to find out why a woman’s husband was killed in New York City.  In the process he is captured and taken to a hospital which is using humans as test subjects for psycho active drugs.  The scenes of McGee at the hospital and when he is drugged was pretty good. Shows MacDonald's SF background.

The Red Death by Walter Mosley – Easy Rawlins is being squeezed by the Federal Government to spy on a local labor organizer.   In the process one of his tenants and a minister are killed.  The enemies are not the obvious ones.  Added to that his love life gets complicated.  This was set during the early 50s.  Mosley conveys the paranoia of the time. 

March 2008

New Amesterdam  (TV Series) – Interesting.  It tones the angst common in a vampire show.   I like the fact he has goal he can shoot for.  Its not must see for me but it could be.

Emmisaries from the Dead by Adam-Troy Castro –Counselor Andrea Cort is sent to investigate two mysterious deaths on a space station.  The station has an artificial environment complete with primitive sentient life forms.  An indentured crew of humans are researching the life forms.  The station is run by a powerful race of AIs.  The investigation is politically charged and Cort is pressure to not implicate the AIs.  This is a great science fiction mystery.  There are plots within plots.  Cort is complicated.  She has to deal with a childhood trauma that has made her a pariah.  The good news is that this not that last of Andrea Cort.

A Purple Place for Dying by John D. MacDonald -  Travis McGee is sent to help a woman in trouble.  While explaining her problem, the woman is killed.  McGee tries to find who killed his potential client.  This will have McGee clash with the local sheriff.  I like how MacDonald portrayed the sheriff.  The sheriff is not shown as small town hick.  The sheriff has depth and eventually McGee earns his trust and respect.

The Quick Red Fox by John D. MacDonald Travis McGee is hired by a Hollywood actress to find embarrassing photos.  McGee was going to pass but the actress’s assistant interests him.  I like the fact McGee goes for the professional and down to earth assistant rather than glamorous actress.  A real tragic ending.

A Deadly Shade of Gold  by John D. MacDonaldA friend of Travis McGee is killed after he asks Travis for help.  McGee goes to New York, Mexico and Los Angeles to find out why his friend was killed.  A great thriller.  There some good action sequences in Mexico and LA and an interesting femme fatale.

Justice League: New Frontier (DVD Film) - Reviewed in April 2008 Event Horizon.

Bright Orange for the Shroud by John D. MacDonaldAn old friend of Travis was victim of a con.  Travis tries to help him get his money back.  This novel takes place on the Florida gulf coast and MacDonald uses the locale well.

White Butterfly by Walter MoselyIn 1956 Los Angeles, three African-American women are victims of a serial killer.  When a white woman is killed apparently by the same man the city throws all available resources to find the killer.  This includes recruiting Easy Rawlins to go to places not easily accessible to the police.   Can he do this and hold his family together at the same time.  Again another interesting look at the past through Easy’s eyes.

Black Betty  by Walter Mosely In 1961, Easy Rawlins is asked to find an old acquaintance from Texas.   This is more than a missing person case.  At the same time Easy tries to get out of a bad real estate deal.  Another interesting chapter in the Rawlins saga.

A Little Yellow Dog by Walter MoselyIn 1963,  gets involved with a woman with big troubles and a yellow dog.  The woman disappears and Easy is stuck with the dog and some of the trouble.  He needs to figure out what is going on before the police make up there own mind.  Some good action in this one. 

Halting State by Charles Stross - Reviewed in April 2008 Event Horizon.

April 2008

Darker than Amber by John D. MacDonald - A young girl is almost killed off a bridge Travis McGee happened to be under. Travis decides to look into the matter. This is the first book in the series where Meyer ia actively helping in case. Travis and Meyer make a good team.

Rollback by Robert Sawyer - Reviewed in May 2008 Event Horizon.

Nim's Island (Theatrical Film) - This was fun. I wondered what right did the cruise ship have to traspass on an island which should have been private property. I liked Jodie Foster as the author trying to find herself.

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin (Reader's Group Choice) - Genly Ai, a representative from a union of worlds, comes to the planet Gethen. He hopes to bring Gethen into the union. The inhabitants of Gethen are sexually neuter until kemmer, their mating cycle. At kemmer the have either male or female sexual organs. Ai gets embroiled in the politics of Gethen. Some parties want to use Ai for their own aims. An interesting look at a society which does not have the same sexual structure as we do. It shows how much our sex has shaped our society. A classic.

Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist (Theatrical Film) - Reviewed in May 2008 Event Horizon.

May 2008

Iron Man (Theatrical Film)-  A very good adaptation of the classic Marvel character.   The writers made some changes but they were intelligent changes and helped the story.  There is some movie physics here.  A welcome addition to the family of superhero movies.

Speed Racer  (Theatrical Film)-  A good adaptation of the classic anime.  The story is a typical Speed Racer plot.  The film brings some depth to the Racer family.  I do not get why the critics railed against this film. Its everything Transformers should have been but was not.

Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (Theatrical Film) - Another classic brought to life.  The filmmakers knew what they could change and what to keep the same.  All the characters are treated well.  Cannot wait for the third one.

Indiana Jones and Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls (Theatrical Film)-You can go home again.  There is great adventure.  Marion Ravenwood is back.  They even acknowledge Young Indiana Jones series. A worth entry of the series.

June 2008

The Yiddish Policeman's Union Michael Chabon (Hugo Nominee & Reader's Group Choice) - In an alternate Earth, European Jews where able to immigrate to Alaska before World War II and the state of Israel never got established. Police detective Meyer Landsman gets involved in a murder investigation which will rock the entire Alaskan Jewish community. Meyer has his own demons to conquer. He has to deal with his alcoholism and failed marriage. Its a complex mystery. There are plots within plots. Some of the story reminds me of The Man in the High Castle. It is always an experience reading Chabon.

The Last Colony by John Scalzi (Hugo Nominee) - John Perry, formerly of the Colonial Defense Forces, is asked by his former superiors to lead a new colony. All is not as it seems because the colony is not where it is supposed to be. Perry and the colonists survive cut off from the rest of Colonial Union for a year. It turns out the colony is an attempt to defy an organization know as The Conclave. The Conclave wants to control colonization for all races either by persuasion or force. The existence of Perry's colony is in defiance of the Conclave. Perry and his colonist must figure away out of this conflict. Scalzi is good at making the antagonists believable. The general for the Conclave is shown as person tasked with a distasteful job but trying to do it in a humane way. The plot is also well structure. There are some interesting politics. Should go back and read The Ghost Brigades.

Get Smart (Theatrical Movie) - This was fun. A nice salute to the old show. Hathaway makes a great Agent 99 and Correll is a great Smart. There was something off with Siegfreid but Stalker was hysterical. Would not mind another enragement between CONTROL and KAOS.

Brasyl by Ian MacDonald (Hugo Nominee) - Three stories. In the present day, TV producer Marcelina Hoffman is trying to make a show about the football (soccer) player who blew the 1950 World Cup. The producer wishes to put the player on trial on a national reality show. Thirty years in the future, quantum technology has become accessible to the common people. In the eighteenth century, a Jesuit and a French scientist go on expedition to the heart of the Amazon. The Jesuit must find a heretic and bring him home. The scientist wishes to go to the equator and calculate the shape of the Earth with a pendulum. All these stories eventually tied to together. They all take in Brazil. There were some interesting bits in this. Some great commentary on Western pop culture.

July 2008

WALL-E (Theatrical Film) - This was wonderful. Pixar gave us believable machines. I also like the fact the captain and other humans rise to the occasion. Easy Hugo nominee next year. Now I got to see Hello Dolly.

Komarr by Lois McMaster Bujold (Readers' Group Choice) - Miles Vorkosigian is sent to investigate space disaster near the planet Komarr. There he meets the enchanting Ekaterin Vorisoission, the wife of his host. Miles uncovers a plot which could threaten Barrayar. Miles at the same time is drawn to Ekaterin. Bujold shows that she knows how to write a series. I read the Vorkosigan sporadically. yet I can really get into any book. It is great that Miles uses his brains to solve the final problem. Bujold does a good job of establishing a believable relationship between Ekaterin and Miles.

The Middleman (TV Series) - Reviewed in August 2008 Event Horizon.

The Dark Knight (Theatrical Film) - What can more can one say. Its a great Batman story. Its a great movie. Good way of using Two Face. Heath Ledger does a scary Joker. The Joker is a dark genius and an advocate of chaos. A good interpretation of the character. The big question is what will they do next?

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow - Reviewed in August 2008 Event Horizon.

X-Files: I Want to Believe (Theatrical Movie) - This was a good X-Files. We see the Mulder and Scully acknowledge all the things that happened before. I like the fact they are more intimate now. The winter setting gives the film and additional bleakness. The guest cast is great. It is always good to see a film dealing with redemption. If you like the X-Files you will love the film and hope they make more. Carter shows what you can do a lot with a low budget and talent.

August 2008

This Girl for Hire by G.G. Fickling - The first adventure in the Honey West series. Honey takes over her father's detective agency after his murder. Her first case takes to the depths of Hollywood. An actor on hard times asks Honey for help. After he his killed, a writer from the actor's show comes to Honey to find the murderer. She goes undercover on the set of a TV show. Honey finds a den of intrigue. Can Honey find the murderer before she is a target? This was interesting. The plot was was very intricate. The suspects are connected by an complex web. Honey is beautiful and capable of handling anything that comes her way. Would not mind reading some more of these.

Money Shot by Christa Faust - Former porn star, now porn talent agent Angel Dare is asked to work on film as favor for friend. The film shoot turns out to be trap. Angel is interrogated by some thugs about a young lady who came to her office. When the thugs do not like Angel's answers they leave for dead in a car trunk. Angel escapes and finds her world has caved in. With help from her friends, Angel will try to make those responsible pay. An intriguing look into the world of the adult entertainment business. Angel is well developed. We get Angel's background and why she is in the porn industry. The action is well done and the pace of the novel is great.

Deep Secret by Diana Wynne Jones - The multiverse is shaped as an infinity symbol. There a balance between worlds where magic does and does not exist. This balance is maintained by Magids, a powerful group of magicians. Rupert Venables is a junior Magid assigned to our world. He is hit by two crisis at once. A power vacancy in one of the worlds he is responsible for. Rupert has to also find a replacement for his mentor Stan. Stan left Rupert a list of five candidates. After having difficulty meeting the candidates, Rupert arranges for all the candidates to come to a small town in England. This town is holding a science fiction convention. While Rupert examines the candidates, he also has to deal with the succession crisis. Even with the help of Stan's ghost, his brothers and some friends its going to be a challenge. This book did a good job describing a convention. It feels like the British Worldcons I have gone to. The story works pretty well. Its a great urban fantasy. The characters are all well developed . there also some interesting surprises.

One Fearful Yellow Eye by John D. MacDonald - Travis McGee get a call from help by an old friend in Chicago. The friend is Glory Geis. Her husband Dr. Geis died recently and he sold out his estate. The money from those sales are missing. The family and the IRS want to know what happened to the estate. McGee goes into action to find out what happened. McGee makes some interesting observations about the environment while in Windy City. There was one plot twist which I suspected but was set up well.

Very Bad Choices by Spider Robinson - A sequel to Very Bad Deaths. Someone is looking for Smelly. Russell, Nika and Russell's son Jesse try to help Smelly avoid capture. What does the mysterious McKinnon with the telepathic Smelly. Robinson uses this little thriller to explain what his happening to the country. The novel becomes an arena of ideas. Critical questions are asked.

Pale Gray for Guilt by John D, MacDonald - An old friend of Travis McGee is being pressured to sell his ten acres of land. A few days later Travis' friend ends up dead. Travis, with the help of economist friend Meyer, sets up an elaborate scam get money back to his friend's family and makes those responsible for his death pay. Its a very complex scam. The payoff at the end is great.

September 2008

Gateway by Frederik Pohl (Reader's Group Choice) - An alien race known as the Heechee left behind artifacts in our solar system centuries ago. A Heechee space station know as the Gateway has hundreds of spaceships. The Heechee technology is not fully understood. Prospectors can take a ship, see where it takes them and could come back rich from profits from any discoveries made. The story switches between Robin Broadhead's time at the Gateway and sessions with a computer psychologist. In those sessions Broadhead deals with what happened at the Gateway. This novel holds up well. The switching between the times of Robin's life is interesting. There is a great payoff at the end of the novel. The next two books in the series were also good.

Samurai Girl (TV Mini series) - This was OK. I hate the dumb friend cliche. Would have liked it better had they given the heroine smart friends.

The Girl Plain Brown Wrapper by John D. MacDonald - An old friend of Travis McGee dies. Her last last request is for McGee to look into her daughter's suicidal tendancies. McGee digs up some Florida small town intrigue. MacDonald makes some comments about race in this book when McGee tries to get some info from the staff of the hotel he staying at. The observations are a bit dated but were well thought out.

Dress Her in Indigo by John D. MacDonald - A rich man's daughter dies in Mexico. McGee is hired to find out what happened to the girl. Taking his friend Meyer, McGee finds an interesting cast of characters. Some interesting twists this one. MacDonald here comments on the counter culture. MacDonald is somewhat sympathetic but questions some of the movements destructive elements.

Fringe (TV Series) - Well the X Files has been off for 5 years so its a good time for a clone show. John Noble is great as Dr. Walter Bishop. I hope the show's creators have a plan about the Pattern. I like the fact is set in Boston rather than New York or Los Angeles. The titles are interesting.

Dear Prudence (TV Movie) - Martha Stewart as a detective. It works. Jane Seymour is great as Prudence. Hope to see more of Prudence investigations.

The Shadow in the North (TV Movie) - Sally Lockhart investigates a sinister gentleman who caused a client to lose a great deal of money. Billie Piper does a great job as Sally. The look on these films are great. The characters, particularly the villains, are very interesting. Cannot wait for the next installment.

October 2008

Burning Waters by Mercedes Lackey (Readers’ Group Choice) – Mysterious murders are being committed in the Fort Worth area. Detective Mark Valdez calls on his college friend Diane Tregade to come in on the case. Valdez senses an occult vibe on the case and Tregade is a powerful witch committed to protecting people from the evil uses of magic. Someone has awaken an ancient Aztec power. Can Tregade and Valdez stop it before it takes more lives. This is a good combo of fantasy and mystery. Lackey does a good job of setting up this world. The characters are well developed. There are two more books in the series. It is a pity she stopped there.

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (Theatrical Film) - This is a cute modern romance. The insanity of the film is believable. Only bad part is the ongoing gag about the gum. A really fun film.

Marvel 1985 (Comic Book Mini Series) - Reviewed in November 2008 Event Horizon.

An Evil Guest by Gene Wolfe – Cassie Casey is a promising young actress. She is approached by Gideon Chase, a professor who was born and raised on the planet Wolderan, to assist him to fight Ben Reis, a former ambassador to Wolderan. Reis is planning something nefarious and the President of United States asks Chase to stop him. Cassie will be Chase’s agent against Reis. She will be in a play that Reis is producing. Can Cassie figure out Reis objectives in time. This is a fun book. Its an adventure. Cassie is a good person trying to work in a situation out of her depth. She is able to survive by fulfilling her potential.

Charmed Life by Diane Wynne Jones (Readers’ Group Choice) – Cat Chant and his older sister Gwendolen are orphaned. They are adopted by a sorceror named Chrestomanci. Gwendolen becomes resentful that no one recognizes her magical abilitues. She eventually runs away to a paralell world and leaves a young girl named Janet in her place. This disrupts the multiverse. Cat and Janet have to set things right. This book sets up an interesting world. Gwendolen is a dsiturbing character because of how mean she is to Cat and how self centered she is. This world seems to be tied in to one in Deep Secrets. May checkout the rest of the series.

The Plot: The Secret Protocols of the Elder Zion by Will Eisner - Reviewed in November 2008 Event Horizon.

Knight Rider (TV Series) - When you do remake or sequel you should go bigger. I was surprised to see the are using a blue screen for the driving scenes. The orginal did not use a blue screen. The show is chessy but so was original. If you need a goofy distraction, this show is for you.


November 2008

Changeling (Theatrical Film) – It is scary that this is a true story.  It is unbelievable the lengths the Los Angeles Police Department went to cover up their errors.  Screenwriter Joe Straczynski’s made an incredible big screen debut.  Great performances from all.

Let the Right One In (Theatrical Film) – This is an interesting but creepy film from Sweden.  Oskar is a teenage outcast in the 80s.  Oskar finds a friend in the mysterious Eli. Eli is a vampire who is trying to survive.  Will Eli be caught?  What are Eli’s feelings towards Oskar?  The winter setting adds an element of gloominess to the film.  The film tries to be subtle.  Although there are some spectacular moments the film is not driven by spectacle.  One of the best scenes leaves a lot to the imagination.  The relationship between Oskar and Eli is interesting but disturbing. 

The Green and the Gray by Timothy Zahn - Roger and Caroline Whittier are a Manhattan couple with a rocky marriage.  Coming back from the theater they are handed a young girl named Melantha Green.  Melantha is hurt and Whittier’s take her in.   The Whittiers discover that two groups from another planet immigrated to the New York area in the 1920s.  These groups where hostile to each other on their home planet and they take this conflict to Earth.  Melantha is part of attempt to form a truce between the two groups: the Greens and the Grays.  Melantha was to be sacrificed in order to from a truce.  She was rescued and now the Green and Grays are ready to go to war.  A war which could devastate New York.  Can the Whittiers with the help of an NYPD detective.  It is a great adventure.  The reasons of the conflicts between the Green and Gray are complex.  There are some nice twists.  The Whittiers react believably to an incredible situation.

Zack and Mira Make a Porno (Theatrical Film) - Kevin Smith’s grossest film.  At times it is hard to sympathize with Zack and Mira since their problems are of their own making.  Still you want the characters to succeed at the end.  There are some great laughs.

Quantum of Solace (Theatrical Film) - The action sequences could have been done better.  They were hard to follow.  The plot was OK.  Parts of the villain’s plan were odd.  The film demands a sequel in order to explain the conspiracy.

Sixty-Six (Theatrical Film) - Bernie is the youngest brother in a Jewish family in England.  Bernie sees his Bar Mitzvah as his big day.  Unfortunately England makes an unexpected performance at the World Cup.  The final is on the same day as Bernie’s Bar Mitzvah.  Bernie also has to contend with his family’s turn of fortune.  It is a film about growing up and figuring out what is important.  The ending was spectacular.  Helena Bonham-Carter is great as Bernie’s mom.

Filth: The Mary Whitehouse Story (Television Movie) - This film portrays Mrs. Whitehouse in a sympathetic light in her crusade to clean up television.  It is portrayed as a David versus Goliath with Whitehouse beating BBC Director General Sir Hugh Greene.  This is a bit hard to take since Whitehouse attacked Doctor Who in the 70s. 

Bolt (Theatrical Film) - This was a fun cross country trip.  It was great when Mittens teaches Bolt to beg.  Minor point, why Mittens does not have a cat’s pupils?

Happy Go-Lucky (Theatrical Film) - British school teacher Poppy goes through life with an incredibly preppy and positive attitude.  Poppy’s attitude did not bother me.  The fact Poppy was able to handle some scary situations and not loose her outlook on life.  It would be nice if more people were like Poppy.


December 2008

Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay (Readers' Group Choice)- The Peninsula of the Palm has been occupied by two foreign powers. Ygarth occupies the eastern provinces and Barbidior occpies the west. Brandin, the king of Ygarth, was brutal in his conquest of the province of Tigana. Brandin's son was killed while fighting in Tigana. Brandin, a powerful magician, uses his powers to erase Tigana from history. Only natives from Tigana remember their homeland. A group of diverse individuals come up with an intricate plan to liberate the Palm. It is not as black and white as one would expect. Brandin is seen to have good qualities. The rebel's plan is ruthless. Kay said the objective of the novel was to see when its time to give up a grudge. It is an important question. One which is thoroughly investigated in the novel.

Milk (Theatrical Film) - Despite the film's tragic ending it is still uplifting. Milk started a grass roots movement which helped a lot of people. Milk inspired people to go out and challenge the system.

Frost/Nixon (Theatrical Film) - This films shows that what a lot of people want is catharsis. Reston represents the section of the country who wanted Nixon held accountable for what he did. Nixon desperately wants redemption. Frost through his interviews gave the country what it needed at that time. Its incredible that Peter Morgan (screenwriter) and Ron Howard (director) made a gripping movie about a TV show.

The Spirit (Theatrical Film) - This film does have its good points. The cast is pretty good in this. Samuel Jackson is wonderfully over the top as the Octopus. I liked the fact they updated Ellen for the 21st century by making her a doctor. Sarah Paulson was great as Ellen. I wish she could have had more screen time. Eva Mendes is great as Sans Serif, the classic ex-girlfriend who wanders of the straight and narrow. The fight scenes are easy to follow. I wonder why Frank Miller tinkered with the origin. What is great about the Spirit is that he has no super powers. What is the deal with the black suit. The Spirit has a blue suit with read tie. I know it works better with the visuals but Miller should have been smart enough to figure out a way to make blue work. Maybe the Spirit this can a movie reboot like the Hulk.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Theatrical Film/DVD Release) - Reviewed in January 2009 Event Horizon.

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