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January 2018

The Shape of Water (Theatrical Film) - A classic SF mixed with a love story. Great imagery. Great cast.

Crimson Peak (DVD) - A gothic novel brought to film.

Your Never Weird on the Internet [Almost] by Felicia Day - Felicia Day tells us her story. It sadly brings a new element to the Gamer Gate story. It also tells of her triumph in making The Guild.

Red, White, and Who: The Story of Doctor Who in America by Steven Warren Hill - A history of a fandom and how its effects on the show and the fans. Very detailed. A must read for all American active Doctor Who fans.

Call Me By Your Name (Theatrical Film) - A nice summer love story in Italy. Beautiful to look at and story is engaging.

The Phantom Thread (Theatrical Film) - An odd love story. Wonderfully shot. The lead character is a bit disturbing. The British world before the mod era.

The Post (Theatrical Film) - A great piece of history that reminds us of the power of the press.

Faces Places (Theatrical Film) - A documentary where film director Agnes Varda and photographer JR go around France and take pictures of the locals and make a blow up posters and put them on buildings. Its fun and it great to see these artists doing there thing and make the ordinary extraordinary.

Went to Winter Fringe and read short fiction from Lady Business website.

February 2018

A Fantastic Woman (Theatrical Film) - We start witha love story. One of the lovers dies and has to deal with the consequences. There are parts that will make you mad and they are parts that are inspiring. I hope it gets the Oscar.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (Theatrical Film) - A disturbing film. It is worth seeing but be prepared.

Dark (Netflix Series) - An SF series set in a small town in Germany. They are great characters. I had issues with the end but I hope the get resolved in the next season. I did want more.

The Black Panther (Theatrical Film) - A compelling story. This team lead by Ryan Coogler and his team create an incredible world. Thank you for letting see Wakanda.

Alternate Carbon (Netflix Series) - A SF mystery with noir overtones. Kovacs is a bit a jerk. There are great ideas. I hope the other books get adapted.

Annihilation (Theatrical Film) - Garland makes some smart changes. This feels like Area X. Good performances. Great job making part of England looking like Florida. I hope that we see the other books come to the screen.

The Ancient Magus' Bride (Anime TV Series) - A touching series. Great use of faerie myth in the first season. I want to see more.

Loveless (Theatrical Film) - Two people are going through a messy divorce. Their son goes missing and things go work. It was shot well but there is no one to like and no tragic elements to make it worth seeing.

All Systems Red by Martha Wells - A security robot becomes self aware, but keeps to itself. It works for a planetary expedition that has encountered a problem. Interesting may read the rest of the novella trilogy.

I saw the Oscar live action and animated shorts and continued to read short fictio recommended by Locus and Lady Business.

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