Favorite Comics

Sandman and other related titles: This book has got it all. I did not read until Brief Lives because I thought they had just resurrected the Wesely Dodds character. I found Season of the Mist(a great one to start witg since it introduces The Endless, except Destruction) and went nuts. The scene which sold me on the comic was the conversation between Death and Dream at the beginning. Both Death mini series are also excellent. I do not read The Dreaming regularly but the few issues I have were pretty good. Now, if only Neil Gaiman would explain why Delirium is no longer Delight. At LoneStarCon2, the 55th Worldcon, I had a dream come true (see Photos).

Strangers In Paradise: A story about relationships with a little action mixed in. Everybody is trying to look for intimacy and love while forces outside their control are running interference.

Kurt Busiek's Astro City: What is it like to live in a universe where superheroes live? What is it like to be a sidekick, child super hero, or a normal criminal in this world? These and other questions will be answered in this book. Like Marvels, Busiek makes us see the superhero through new eyes.

Luftwaffe 1946: If you are into manga style art, alternate timelines and cool looking airplanes, then this book is for you.

Any book by Peter David: One of the few who can make superheroes interesting and not distasteful anti-heroes(others are Mark Waid and John Byrne). Perhaps the best book he has is Supergirl. It is nice to see a comic focusing on redemption. Try and find his independently made comic Soulsearchers by Claypool. This one of the funniest comics there out there.

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