TachyCon 10

        TachyCon 10 was held on May28-31, 1999 at the Orlando Renaissance Airport Hotel. The main guests were Jerry Doyle (Babylon 5) and Walter Koenig (Star Trek and Babylon 5). Other guests included Julie Caitlin Brown (Babylon 5), Robin Atkins Downes (Babylon 5), Gerald Christopher (Superman), make-up artist Tom Savini, singer Apollo Smile and artist Arne Starr.

        Non-guest programming is still a problem for TachyCon. There were panels listed in the schedule which did not happen such as the Current State of Fandom, Fandom on the Internet, and Classic Horror Discussion: How Do the Classics Compare to Today's Films. There seemed to be a lack of communication between con staff and panelists in regard to schedules. However, when panels did take place they went rather well. Comic book writer Mitch Hyman did a panel comics. He felt that the industry was going to experience an upswing in the near future and discussed the current trends in comics. There was a panel on military science fiction. Although a lot of the panel focused on Space: Above and Beyond, the panel also talked about some of the great works of literary military SF such as Starship Troopers,The Forever War, and The War Against the Chtorr.

        Arne Starr made his usual presentation on what is coming up in the world of media SF. He gave a breakdown of the upcoming episodes of Crusade. The long awaited X-Men movie begins filming this summer. Patrick Stewart has been casted as Charles Xaiver and Ian McKellen (Apt Pupil) will play Magneto. Mystery Men will be this year's super hero movie. A group of would be super heroes try to save a real super hero from super villian Casanova Frankenstein. As the year 2000 approaches so are films with an apocalyptic theme. In End of Days, Arnold Schwartzenagger is fighting the forces of darkness. The Vatican sends a priest to aid a woman who has become the focus of ominous powers in Stigmata. On a more lighthearted note, Gonzo learns where he comes from in Muppets from Space.

        There was a full schedule of nighttime activities. On Friday, there was the meet and greet reception which allowed the fans to meet the guests in a casual setting. Saturday night started out with a performance from Apollo Smile. Apollo's act was reminiscent of the many pop singers who have appeared in Japanese animation. The masquerade followed the concert. There were some very good original designs such as Boss, a female demoness; Lady Carpathia a gothic looking vampiress, and Pan and a fairy companion. Some of the better recreations were the Borg Queen and the modified Data from Star Trek: First Contact, Kai Winn from Star Trek: Deepspace Nine, and Darth Vader and Darth Maul from the Star Wars series. The party, Percy's Wake, immediately followed the masquerade was. The party was well attended, well stocked with food and people participated in the dance despite the lack of a hardwood floor. Sunday's party consisted of a concert by the local group Gargamel. The band entertained the audience with their music and humor.

        TachyCon made great improvements in the area of nighttime activities. The convention continues to make its guests easily accessible to the fans. TachyCon still need some improvement on their non-guest programming. Hopefully they will improve on this next year.

I would like to thank Arthur Dykeman and Mike Gavin for their help in covering Sunday night's event.

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