How I Became A SF fan


It all started with Trek.


            Not the media empire on verge of collapse it is now.  It was the show getting a second life on syndication which was my first encounter with science fiction.  I think that can be said for a lot of us of the Thirteenth generation (aka Generation X).


            Then came Star Wars and its clones on TV  and screen.  Then came Doctor Who. My older brother took me to a midnight show to see something called 2001: A Space Odyssey.  Other classic SF films like The Day the Earth Stood Still or Fantastic Voyage were being shown on TV.


            Still Trek was there and sent me to interesting places.  My reading muscle got flexed because of Trek and Doctor Who novels.  From these I would eventually start reading original works.  I think the first SF novel I read was The Rolling Stones by Robert A. Heinlein.  I had also heard Trek had won something called a Hugo.  I found out that Hugos were given out to novels and short fiction.  A lot for my reading in my teens consisted of the Hugo winners.  This also led me into reading the works of Harlan Ellison, who wrote what was considered the best Trek episode ever.  I was never quite the same after that.


            My first convention was Omnicon II in 1981.  The first club I joined was TARDIS Repair Incorporated (TRI).   It was at TRI I meet a gentlemen by the name of Greg Harris.  He told me about Worldcon which he was going to in Atlanta.  After he came back and told me all about I was determined to go the next year.  So at 16 I went to the Worldcon in Brighton.  It was another mind blowing experience. 


            Since then I have only missed three Worldcons.  For the few years I write a Worldcon report.  I do a lot of volunteer hours at Worldcon especially at the Masquerade and Internet Lounge.  I am on staff with OASIS working registration, the trivia contest and other things.   


            Not bad for someone who started with Trek.

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