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Taking a trip

Hello, I am the Rainbow Warrior. I have been a SF fan for years. My big vacation each year is the World Science Fiction Convention. Here are some vitals  and  personal photos.   I will post my writing I do for the Orlando Science Fiction Society (OASFiS) newsletter,  Event Horizon.   Below is a sample of what I like so you can get an idea of my tastes.

      Original Material will be updated every month.

                                      Going for ride?

Also feel free to send any comments, questions, threats. I could use the feedback.

Terror Alert

Terror Alert Level

You are vistor number

The source of this background according to a comment I wrote in July 97 was www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangleLab/1769/index.html.  This site it has moved or is gone.  I would like to thank them for this background.  If anyone know where they are please drop me a line.