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Food Memories

What do you remember about the food at Van Nuys High in the 1950's?

Charles Perry writes:
Here's what I remember:
  • Tuna sandwiches with so much pickle relish in them they were positively sweet. (I got used to this.)
  • Trays of pickled beets topped with sliced onion.
  • Cole slaw with sesame seeds in it.
  • Great chili mac.
  • Coffee cake.
  • Lots of cookies, puddings, Jell-O and fruit cups.
And if you weren't up to any of this, there was that apple machine in the quad.

Dean Cohen (S'58) writes:
Do you remember coming out of the band bungalow after period 2 and walking near the fast food place (hash lines) and smelling those great cinnamon rolls. That was so great on a cold winter day. I do have the official LAUSD recipes for both the cinnamon rolls and the coffee cake if you are interested.

Jody Ames writes:
I remember the spaghetti and hamburgers from the hash lines, but can't remember if they were at VNHS or in junior high. Both were particularly gummy, which I found pleasing at the time.

I worked in the cafeteria one year. My job was scooping mashed potatoes and putting gravy on them. My significant memory of that job is that Mike Alcalay and I used to exchange notes written on napkins, since he was working there on another shift. I may still have some of the napkins somewhere.

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