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50-year SAMURAI Class Reunion

Well, it's over, and we're still recovering.

Thanks to all who have written and otherwise expressed how much they enjoyed the event.

Videos from the reunion can be seen at Corky Greene's website.

Many thanks to Corky for producing the VNHS nostalgia video and putting up Stacy's greeting, Stacy and Joel's 1959 movie, and other video goodies for us all to enjoy again.


I'm not sure what they're doing to continue with merchandise, photos, and anonymous email services. Check out their site, The Reunion Committee, Inc. (not to be confused with the Samurai reunion committee).
  • Go to .
  • Click "2009 Reunions" and then "Van Nuys S 1959"
  • If you haven't already registered there, you must do so. The Reunion Committee uses their website as the primary means of keeping your contact info up to date;  that's why they ask for so much information when you register.
  • If you have already registered, log in with your email address and password.
  • Post pictures. You can also see who else is registered, and send them email if they allow it.
  • Purchase photos and other merchandise (but not the Gary Patterson reunion T-shirt -- see below).

Any other suggestions?

Souvenirs and memorabilia

Provided by The Reunion Committee dot com
  • There will be a professional photographer there, and a "memory book" of photographs will be available for $40.00. Individual photos can also be purchased through the after the reunion. Details on the website. I believe the Memory Book includes a directory of class members, and photos of class members who couldn't attend the reunion but sent current pictures to them.
  • They are selling Willie-the-Wolf T-shirts and sweatshirts. That info is available online.

Provided by the Samurai reunion committee

  • T-shirts! We will be making up our very own blue Samurai Reunion T-shirts with Gary Patterson's age-progressed White Rabbit. If you want to order a shirt, send an email to Anne Syfrig English. Specify Men's L or XL, or Women's M or L. Cost is $20/shirt. Further details will be provided here when I recover.
    Anne English
    POB 13384
    Palm Desert, CA 92255.
  • Our own reunion photo album! We would like to assemble an online photo album, with pix contributed from our various excellent photographers. Not sure how this is going to work. Come back here from time to time for more details. Please contact us if you are willing to put this together.
  • A limited number of CDs of the [not-Grammy-Award-winning] 1957 VNHS Band and Orchestra recording has been made by Bob Dunn for members of said Band and Orchestra. We were going to distribute them during the Reunion but got distracted. Please contact us if you want one.


Several people have asked if old Annuals are available anywhere. We don't know of any sources, so we are looking into making a high-quality photocopy ourselves. The scanning is costly, but if there are enough people interested, we will go ahead with it. If you would be interested in purchasing a copy, please let us know. A less expensive copy would include only the faces of the two senior classes. Let us know if that would interest you. You could also try eBay.

Finding people

The event is over, and we don't have the urgency about finding people, but maybe you will be motivated to look for someone you particularly missed. If you have contact info for people who were missing, please pass it on. We will continue to maintain the classmates list the best we can.
  • If we don't have your latest contact info, please send it to Jody Ames.
  • If you know the whereabouts of any of the lostlings (see the Class List), please contact us as well.

How YOU can help

The reunion is now over, but you can still help make in various ways.
  • Scan old photos and memorabilia for an online archive. Aside from you, nobody is going to appreciate them as much as we will. If you have any good ideas for such an archive, let us know.
  • Take charge of creating a Directory of classmates once the reunion is over.
  • Create an online photo album after the reunion.
  • Scan the Annual and make a .pdf that could be distributed on CD or hard copy.


Here's what people say about the class and the reunion:

Food memories

Watch this space for recipes for LAUSD Cinnamon Rolls and Coffee Cake.

Special guests!

Need I say more?

Class members

The Class List, including previously-found people.
In Memoriam.

New information about class members continues to emerge. The Lost and Found list will be updated after the reunion. Please be patient.

The Samurai reunion committee:

  • Jody Ames(
  • Rich LeGassick
  • Rick Mahn
  • Gary Patterson
  • Lucky Suerdieck Lynch
  • Anne Syfrig English
  • Sheila Attebery Papayans
  • Bob Dunn
  • Corky Greene
  • Lee Mellinger
  • John (Bob) Morey
  • Joel Tator

Other links of interest

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Another source for alumni searching is, but you have to pay them money.

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