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Koukla Samoyeds is more than just a kennel. It is home to a very special breed of dog that captures your heart and spirit. I have been in Samoyeds since 1977. My first Samoyed, Sassy, taught me well. She had me running in circles most of the time, trying to figure her out, but through the years, she taught me more than any samoyed ever has. I trained Sassy in Obedience and put her Companion Dog title on her. I've had many Samoyeds over the years, but let me tell you who I have right now.

The first few months with Play, I thought I was reliving the days with Sassy! I actually was wondering if Sassy was under that ball of fur instead of an innocent young pup. Play, aka, Ch.EL-AL N'KOUKLA'S FIREWRKS DISPLAY CD,RE, has truly made my dreams come true. Play has a mind of her own.... as all Samoyeds do, and she has a heart of gold.

I hope you enjoy this site, and if nothing else know that if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them and if you are new to Samoyeds, please know that I will help you in any way that I can. Samoyeds bring out the best in people, and I know that to be a fact!

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Chilly picks up a 3pt major at the Jonesboro Rd. shows in Atlanta!!
Shown by my friend, Cathy Shott.