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On the following pages you will discover the beautiful Tropical Island Paradise of Kauai.
Perhaps these pages may create a desire to be there.
Grab a tall cool beverage... Sit back... Relax and enjoy yourself.
Remember ~~~ Sometimes Dreams Really Can Come True!

Some of the pages may take a while to load because of the number of graphics.
Please have patience ~ we believe you'll find it worth the wait.

Now, if you're ready to visit an island paradise, our Virtual Tour of Kauai is just beginning.
Follow the tour guide, ummm...links below.

5 Star Hawaii Vacation * * * Visit a Slice of Paradise

Pamper Yourself * * * Relax and Enjoy

Just Imagine * * * Beautiful Vistas


Gold Crown Resort * * * Garden Isle

Tropical Paradise * * * Paradise Can Be Yours


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