Sally Anger


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"What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining elusive element which is life itself - life hurrying past us and running away, too strong to stop, too sweet to lose."

~Willa Cather


When I reached a plateau in my science-based career, the thought came to me: “Why not take a year off and study art, my lifelong love? I did so, and never looked back. I enrolled at the local community college and earned my associates in art degree, then transferred to East Carolina University.

I still remember a moment in my last semester at the community college. I had an epiphany…I realized I could learn to draw anything! It seems so basic, but it was and is such a thrill. By learning the foundations of drawing and painting, I came to see the world in a new way. I love the outdoors. I found that by really looking, perceiving in the manner it takes to draw something, I came to know and love it even more.

The same turned out to be true with people and their faces. After painting professionally for over a decade, I am now finding the freedom from complete realism. The compelling works of Diebenkorn, Bischoff and Frohsin intrigue me with their representative works that incorporate the energy and imagination of abstractions. My recent work reflects this interest. I will often start with a loose gesture drawing from a model and work it into a vibrant interplay of color and light. My canvases are approached with exuberance. Mediums are mixed and materials combined, subject matter evolves, the process takes over. “What if? Why not?” These are the questions I ask myself to keep my mind in a learning, exploration mode. Ideas snap-crackle-pop…a new series is born.


Sally Anger grew up in the coastal town of Beaufort North Carolina after moving there at the age of nine. She has loved art all her life, and attended workshops and painted for many years. In 2002 she took the plunge and left a career as a nutritionist to pursue art full time.

She obtained her associate's degree in fine arts from the local community college and then studied for several semesters at a local university's art school before heading off on her own. She continues to explore new ways to express herself through art by experimentation, life drawing classes, critiques with other artists and workshops.

Sally is a member of the Carteret County Arts and Crafts Coaltion and the Arts Council of Carteret County, the Twin River Artists' Association,the Craven County Arts Council & Gallery and the Wilmington Art Association.

Her artwork is on display at Handscapes Gallery and the Mattie King Davis art gallery in Beaufort, NC; Blu Sail Gallery in Morehead City, NC; the New Bern ArtWorks and Craven Arts Council and Gallery in New Bern, NC; and the Village Gallery in Oriental, NC.

She lives on the coastal Newport River in Mill Creek, North Carolina.


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