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Lou Dracula (and brother 'Bob')

Lou Dracula is the brother of the more famous Vlad and the less famous brother Bob (who is currently stuck as a bat)
Lou, like his brother Vlad, had three brides.  Unlike Vlad, Lou's three brides divorced him, taking everything but his fangs and his coffin.
With nowhere else to turn, Lou headed to Salem, MA to share an apartment with his old friend George (a zombie).  Can two single undead share an apartment in Salem City without driving each other crazy?
Lou is having a hard time finding a job in Salem.  When you spend a few centuries as a European Count, it's hard to find a job that doesn't feel beneath you.

Zombie George

George is a zombie.  At some point, he apparently ate his wife, and is still rather embarrassed about that.   He's not the brightest bulb on the tree, but compared to some of his neighbors, he's a genius.   George works in the sewers (mostly because it seemed like a zombie thing to do)


Karl was a creation of Dr Frankenstein, although he doesn't like to talk about it.   He took a new name to distance himself from being associated with the doctor (Karl's still mad that the Doctor didn't dig up a better face for him)
Karl is the owner of Salem Uncommon Boarding House, and is a bit grumpy.  He's also very strong, so being late with the rent is a bad idea.
Karl was also married once.   His ex-wife is a touchy subject for Karl, and she's a constant thorn in his side.

Agnes (not a witch)

Agnes is a moody, powerful magic user.   She does not like being called the 'W' word ('witch'), and is apt to do nasty things to anyone who calls her one.   What is she if she's not a witch?   There are some theories, but no one knows for sure and she's not talking.


Lonnie is our resident werewolf (at least we think so, but no one ever seems to see him in human form).
Lonnie is a free spirit, and always finds a way to enjoy life.

Tommy the aspiring serial killer

Tommy was a creepy kid who has turned into a creepy teenager.  His life dream is to be an iconic serial killer, right up there with the Jasons and the Freddys and the Leatherfaces.
He does have a tendency to try and kill anyone who annoys him.
He's not a very good serial killer, but he's practicing.


Jack is also known as 'The Creature From the Blue Lagoon'.   His mother lives in a lake in Scotland.
Jack doesn't speak much English, but he always manages to get his point across.  
He has rented the flooded cellar of Salem Uncommon.

Geeg the Alien

Geeg crashed his spaceship into Salem Uncommon due to crappy GPS directions.
He is slightly psychotic.
Geeg knows very little English, and has found a job driving a cab in Salem.
He has a bit of a crush on Tina, a local comic shop employee.

Dr Jeff

Dr Jeff is the resident mad scientist.  He had a slight accident involving a teleporter and an ant.


Oop was a forgotten Egyptian Pharoah.   While on exhibit at a Salem museum, he decided to follow Lonnie home. 
He has a serious problem with an eye that keeps falling out of his head.


Dennis is a ghost that haunts Salem Uncommon.  He gets a bit confused about what he can and can't do.  He's not a bad guy (for a ghost).


Andy is a doll that was won by Lonnie at a local county fair.   Andy is evil.  Very, very evil.

Captain Salem

Captain Salem lives in the attic of Salem Uncommon.   He's a little insane, and isn't the most talented super hero.

The Great Anti-Social Bog Beast

The Bog Beast lives in the swamp behind Salem Uncommon.  He's not fond of being bothered (and it's very easy to bother him)

The Salem Uncommon Boarding House

This is the Salem Uncommon Boarding House, located in the Winter Island section of Salem.   It's not in the best shape, but Karl keeps it from falling down (mostly).

Jersey (Devil)

Jersey was once a famous monster in New Jersey.   He didn't enjoy the fame and now lives in the back yard of Salem Uncommon.


Igor followed his master to America.   He's very dedicated to Lou, but not the best of brightest servant.   He took a side job as a mailman.

Mecha Monkey

Mecha-Monkey is a creation of Dr. Jeff.   He was meant to be a servant, but proved to be rather uncontrollable. 


Ray is a scarecrow who is (usually) found in the back yard of Salem Uncommon.   He's very friendly and a bit goofy.
His pumpkin head does tend to rot, so he needs to replace it on a regular basis.


Vermin is a crazed, homicidal mouse who lives in the walls of Salem Uncommon.

Wanker the Clown

Wanker is an older creation of mine.  I'm not sure how he'll fit into the Salem Uncommons crowd, but he seems like a good fit.

Karl's ex-wife

This is Karl's ex.
She's materialistic, snobby and known for her hissing.

Cindy: Vampire Slayer

Cindy is a local little girl.   She has decided that it is her destiny to kill monsters (specializing in vampires).
She's a bit of a pain.


Hyde is savage, stong and crazy.  He's not a resident of Salem Uncommon, but he visits from time to time.


Tina is a comic store employee in Salem.   She's  such a horror fan that the residents of Salem Uncommon don't really phase her in the least.
She's friendly but cynical, and is convinced about a coming zombie apocalypse.


Rob was built by Dr. Jeff as a servant.  He's not brilliant.


Claude is a scientist who has managed to make himself invisible.   He is not a resident of Salem Uncommon, but he may visit from time to time.


I had no real intention of including Bigfoot in the cast, but then I did this doodle and decided he had to be a part of the Salem Uncommons crowd.  He lives out behind the house, in the woods beyond the swamp.  He and the Jersey Devil are buddies.

Death, his wife The Ghost of XMas Future, & Billy

These three are from an joke comic I did years ago.  Death, the Grim Reaper has married The Ghost of Christmas Future.  They have a son named Billy.  Their marriage, sadly, is a rocky one.  Death is always working, The GOCF only works one night a year...

Mason and Brant from S.A.P.S.
(don't sue me, please)

Mason and Brant are showing up for at least one story arc.   They are from the Salem Awesome Paranormal Society (S.A.P.S.) and are the stars of the popular TV show 'Ghost Stalkers'.
Mason and Brant will be getting a bit more than they bargained for when they investigate Salem Uncommon.

Salem Uncommons Michael Carey 2009