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   Welcome to Salem Uncommons.  As the current economic state of the country granted me, rather unexpectedly, a lot of free time that I used to use working for a living. 
   I have a life-long love of cartooning and monster movies (Classic Universal and modern), and live only a couple of miles from Salem, this strip seemed like the perfect mix for me to jump into the on-line comic world.
   Initially, the strips are in standard newspaper style, but I'll probably vary things up a bit at some point.
I hope you enjoy them.
   If you look to the left of the image above, you'll see links to two other pages here.  The first contains pics and info on the Salem Uncommons cast of characters.  Some have already appeared in strips.  Some will show up in the future.   The second link contains a few 'special strips' I did for local events.
Thanks for visiting,
Mike Carey   Oct 11, 2009

ATTENTION ALL!!! WOOHOO!!! We are in print!  The first Salem Uncommons book, containing the first 200 strips is now available exclusively at Harrison's Comics and Collectables in Salem, MA.  If you're not local and you call 978-741-0786 they might be nice enough to send you one. :)

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

Salem Uncommons Michael Carey 2009