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Sessions are usually held in Orange County, however for medium or large groups,
classes can be provided outside of California through special arrangements

I recently experienced Reiki I class facilitated by John Salat.  I found
his casual and down to earth style of facilitating to be very appealing.  He
has an intuitive sense about him which seems to know just when to distribute
important information and when to allow the actual experiencing to occur. I
admire his ability to balance the two together so well. I now live in Hawaii but if I were to continue living in California I would most definitely continue on with John as my Reiki facilitator. His class was truly a joy to experience.
Lorraine Saenz; Message Therapist

I received the Reiki Master attunements from John Salat.  Shortly thereafter,
I participated in a mini-workshop he did on Augmenting Chi. What I learned in
Augmenting Chi was the "missing link" in my ability to heal myself at the
capacity I had been striving for. I incorporate the techniques he taught me
into my daily life and feel more peace, serenity, and in touch with the
healing energies of the Universe.
Blessings of love, light, & miracles,
Renee; Reiki Master; Healer and Published Inspirational Book Writer

Dear John,
It is my pleasure to acknowledge your work in Reiki!   My experience
was one in which healing on a very deep, spiritual level occured.   I
experienced deep, profound peace and saw, in my mind's eye a person with whom I was having great difficulty.  I no longer have any ongoing anger with this person. Thank you for your work and the gift of love and peace that you

It was amazing hat I had so much energy. I really did feel a lot of unusual energy the day after Reiki. Following the class I felt an unusual amount of energy in my body.  I woke up in the early morning and within ½ hour, I was hiking with full energy.  Came back and went swimming for an hour and took care of a lot of small projects.  Usually by then I'm really tired. But I had enough energy left to catch a good movie and be able to read for an hour before I finally went to bed around 12 p.m.
Thanks again John
 Shery Azimi ; Marketing

I want to share how powerful and wonderful my Reiki class was. I had not been that relaxed in a long time .  I enjoyed the pace of the class and of course the day flew by.  As I went through my workweek, I notice a difference in my energy level and this energy increase was more pronounced into the second week following Reiki. I questioned why I had so much more energy and by the 3rd week, I ruled out that it was Reiki accounting for this experience. My teaching profession is sometimes demanding. Every day my job is inspiring others using motivational techniques with students in hopes to better their lives. That's why I am delighted that I have discovered Reiki. Thank you!
Patricia Thomas; Motivational Trainer with County of  Los Angeles
                                         Testimonials from Students
“Want to thank you for the wonderful experience in your Tao Motion class. I had an opportunity to really participate, exchange and feel the energy. Now I know what all the talk is about and the concept that I have carried around inside is a reality for me now. I hope you can share this with more people because I believe it does greatly enhance and move forward our spiritual growth. Also because of the lasting effects of the energy work there are other residual and subtle benefits at work, some of which I am continuing to feel this week. Again a sincere thanks for opening this door for me”. Patricia; County Social Worker.

The space you created is quite beautiful.  I really enjoyed being with people. I felt so at home with the group, with you, & in the environment you created. That sweet, quiet stillness.  I felt perfect balance & harmony & ease.  The exercise was about united & moving perfectly together as one. I am so grateful for whatever you are sending me. I know it is exactly what I want & need in my life.  "The simple gestures and exercises used in this class gave me fresh incite into the challenges I face at work (how to work with next to impossible people) and at the same time I left feeling like I spent the day at a spa.  It was that enlivening & relaxing. With love & blessings” Bev, Educator for Challenged Children

“John, Thanks for your guidance helping us make contact with each other and ourself.  It was a pleasure to experience and explore with the group. Regards”, Sam, Business Owner
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