This retreat intends a wonderful balance of both structured and unstructured activities that will free the inner child spirit and ignite playful energy. The Chi will rise starting from day one and continue to increase throughout the weekend. The playful exploration opens the senses wide, creating many avenues and levels of spontaneous expression. In fact the word "Sense" stems from the definition “Feeling Source of Rising Spring”. Come join us for an unforgettable weekend of fun, learning and relaxation.


An intensive, yet playful integration of body, mind and spirit using Tao Motion principals for optimum “Chi” flow. Whether working with a partner or in a group, the series of body movements allow focus on juxtaposition balance, gravitation and blending with the human senses unifying our collective energy. Tao Motion is intense but not physically exerting. While being grounded through expression of our body, we begin aligning the sensory in mind and body to reach spirited harmonic expression.

Sound is a generator, a powerful energy stimulator that embodies flow. These elements channeled through universal expressions embrace both time and cultures. As an indigenous spirit awakens, we will be freely expressing these mediums with chanting, drumming and dancing. Through the creative sequencing and varying intensity of rhythm, an innocence or trance emerges in fusion of freeform. Feel free to bring an instrument if you have one. Drums will also be available at the lodge.

As an informal and voluntary part of late evening, meditation will be out doors. This is an opportunity to absorb and experience some of the most beautiful energy in the universe. Calming oneself and developing trust with the unconscious so our conscious can play itself out freely. This may involve guided meditation, breathing exercises with qigong, to help awaken underlying Chi as we let go of limits that may normally hinder spirit.

Variety of games:
Celebrating the senses means restoration and having fun. All the games are designed to stimulate imagination, and spontaneity, with the purpose of connecting with the inner child’s energy “Chi”, innocent and uncensored. Imagination is not serious; rather it is our heart light beckoning us to surf with the soul. The spirit of self, community and fair play will be honored throughout our explorations.

Please Bring The Following Items With You:
Meals and accommodations are included, but we suggest the following:
Bring some snacks---bottled water (approximately 2 gallons)--- both comfortable warm & light clothing--- Swim Wear---- Flash Light---Shoes for walking/hiking, blanket or sleeping bag----Sunscreen & or hat---Towel & washcloth

The Monastery works to honor the environment as much as possible, so please observe the following rules and items not to bring.

Soaps & Shampoos (Monastery will provide for our use)

ALSO, PLEASE DO NOT BRING: Pets---Alcohol and Drugs

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