Echoes of the Heart

60 Minute Meditation Music

"Echoes of the Heart" 

Written, produced and engineered by artist "John Salat"

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Quotes From Press and Magazines

"John has done an excellent job of engineering and producing this CD". Recording Magazine by Michael Laskow

"Echoes of the Heart is a gem of an album that offers the listeners a taste of the best in contemporary music" Body Mind & Spirit Magazine by Mrs. Diamond

"John Salat is an architect that makes beautiful music... A musician of artistry" TV interview with Michelle Merker host of KDOC-TV

"The music is so soothing, I played it all night long" Inner Self Magazine by Mrs. Desmond

"Fond of Short Burst of Sound, he uses such aural punctuation to add topspin to underlying dense, dreamy textures on tracks...Here the music becomes graceful, soothing and therapeutic" New Age Publications by PJ Birosik

This Album captivates, enchants, entices the listeners with 16 varied beautiful creations....This synth sound is light and succulent, breathing life, color, and oozing sensuality" *** 3 stars Heartsongs Review

"John Salat proceeds to create a stream of consciousness collection of first-rate New Age tunes on this fine first release Echoes of the Heart" Visions, Phenomenons, Alternatives Publications by Jack Clarke

"I highly recommend Echoes of the Heart....Check it out" TV Interview with Stu Goldman, TV Host for "Its a Wrap", Seattle

"Echoes of the Heart stirs the imagination... excellent companion for creative expression" Soundscapes Publication by Linda Atnip,

"This album does not need an hyperbole, the music easily stands up for itself as a worth while keyboard music with a myriad of influences and a love for music, interwoven into a solid and descriptive package" Trax Magazine

"A soothing journey of electrical wonders which gives the mind, body and spirit an audio massage" Scott Nonnelly, host of Radio WMNF, Tampa FL.

"Salats Music is sophisticated, yet can be enjoyed as background music" Carol Wright of Napra Trade Journal, Eastsound, WA

"Beautiful sound sculptures that take you on a journey to awaken memories of distant times and cultures" Susan Doucet of Only New Age, Los Angeles

"The music creates beautiful imagery that is great for distressing" Editor for Arizona Networking News, Arizona/New Mexico/Nevada

"A magical subcontinent where warm tonal winds sweep along colored clouds of orchestration while percussive warmth reflects the earth" Dan Kimpel, Los Angeles Song Writer Association

"Quite impressive for first effort....Same caliber as major label release" Press conference with Terry Wedel, Program Director for Radio KSBR of so. CA

"From the first moment that I listen to this beautiful composition, I was truly swept away...listening to it aroused in me more emotions that I had yet to hear in any other melody" 1994 issue Friends Review Publication

"It provokes images and encourages release from our everyday stresses and worries" Whole Self Publication

"Echoes of the Heart is a very pleasant, soothing album...Calm yet gently moving, his compositions flow and weave and carry the listener along on a smooth river of sound" The New Times Publications

"Ultimately, Echoes of the Heart is a thought provoking composition that stirs the imagination, and excellent companion for creative expression evoking love and peace" Alternatives Magazine

"Describe somewhere along in the press kit as a panoramic vista blending South Atlantic and Far Eastern textures...that would work as the sound track to National Geographic special on the mysteries of deep or something" Mr. Music Head, The Music Paper

"Echoes of the Heart is excellent for meditation, massage and relaxation" The Light Connection by DeeAnn Morgan-Holt

"Echoes of the Heart is a CD with substance, texture, line and form. Not Surprising that John Salat is an architect, as well as a musician. He Weaves moods and emotions and builds sculpture with his instrumentation" 1994 issue Visions Magazine

"The music easily stands up for itself as a worthwhile keyboard music, with a myriad of influences and a love for music of all kinds into a solid descriptive package" Trax Magazine

"Hearing a man define the relationship between himself, his heart and the global community... These sonic reflections are very easy to live within or out of space-time" Positive Times

"This is a very eclectic collection of pieces, inspired by the gentlest expression of the heart...Every piece in Echoes of the Heart attends percussion with care and captures melody with subtle mastery" Aurora Magazine

"The selections are varied, mixing rhythms and mood but contain a consistent tonal imagery of lush landscape" Music Design In Review

"Each cut has its own beginning and end, yet the sounds blend one to the other for a full 60 minute relaxation" Whole Self Publication

Media Review Stats 


Over 500 radio stations played "Echoes of the Heart" both at national and international airwaves. Most stations played with high frequency and one commercial broadcast rated at the top "Most Frequent Played Album"


"Echoes of the Heart" John Salat was interviewed on three television stations-- KDOC-TV, Channel 56, "SOUTH LAND TODAY" TV CHANNEL 29, "ITS A WRAP" and PA TV PUBLIC ACCESS CHANNEL "DDTV"


Over 40 publications including magazines and newspapers have written "Echoes of the Heart" throughout the country
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