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feng Shui is an holistic art in placement to things surrounding peoples' habitat. Feng Shui means “wind and water in motion”,  It refreshes the spirit by allowing the invisible forces dynamically work in harmony. The complementary placement of art, space and architecture bridges these elements organically, thus connecting an energetic flow in relationship with surroundings.
these environments show up as outside meditative gardens right down to interior spaces of dwellings.  Feng Shui is esthetically and electrically driven by placing things and materials fittingly in a seamless flow. By using color, shapes, textures with patterns most beneficially will rise a pleasant energy of "CHI".  Choosing the balance of Yin and Yang draws forth the forces of harmony in our living environments.
having a poetic use to space with art releases of comfort to "Chi". If one could imagine wind or water could somehow pass through the paths of adjoining spaces, it would find a welcoming ease. By working with earthen textures, soften corners and non-obtrusive shapes, one can make these invisible forces work most freely in space that floods rich energy to rooms. Open space produces a feeling of flowing air (Chi). Simplicity and sparseness allows the soul to move in and out in the open air.
as  licensed architect and zenergy background, my education aligns with celebrating present west to ancient east principles. Rightfully so, the marriage of Feng Shui appears controversial and if not esoteric. Our service to clients works these distinctions professionally and complementary in the main stream world. Our practices origins from a relaxed Intuitive Feng Shui without imposed astrological charts attached with new-age fix remedies. Unlike other practices, the professional licensed services of John A. Salat Architects marriages the esthetic of Wabi-Sabi to function of Energy Kinesiology that fluidly implements intuitive Feng Shui applications. These eastern methods combined allow to gather innocent information rather through forced superstitions that confines boundaries to design.  Our services maintain design as a soft medium rather rigid truths therefore freely disassociating with traditional taboos . These principals honors all interpretation as an unassumable so all applications truly evolve as natural and free.
these direct transcendental insights of borrowing Wabi-sabi, energy kinesiology with intuitive Feng Shui germinates seemingly as natural as air. Going into the transparent  realm, the subtext reveals  moving into touchless touch of aesthetic sublime. Operating from implied rather enforced methods frees spirit to architectural design. The aesthetic awe and beauty are interrelated and often thought as one in view to Zen. The imperfect, impermant and incomplete moves from conventional to a modest and humble level so as to birth new sophistication. Once one masters these distinctions of art, it transforms a world of appreciating naturally as the air we breath.
historically Feng Shui dates back from Tao philosophy (Also known as Daoism or Taoism). Precincts of practice Fung Shui originally roots from intuitive knowledge as a process of drawing natural knowing with simple instinct. It wasn't until later years that Tao split into legalistic classic structure of forming science, mystic and forecast.  With this in mind, Tao origin is absence to forecast, developed formulas and infringed charts as most seen with today's Feng Shui practiced methods. John A Salat Architects practices intuitive Fung Shui, originating through natural knowledge, simple with common science rather pressured taboos of superstitions. Perhaps the true science rest in trust from the moment in time of client and architect. It is this moment of relations, I warmly invite a fun, non-significant and mutual working with those we serve, esthetic to human living flow.

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