Feldenkrais® Method
 Awareness Through Movement

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Feldenkrais® works through small micro movements mostly laying down on a floor mat.
These classes can improve your posture and increase your overall comfort as you move through your days.  The Feldenkrais movement sequences are acclaimed as an effective yet gentle way to reeducate your nerves and muscles and reduce excess stress and tension.
Feldenkrais® integrates body and mind to achieve greater coordination, agility, balance for performance during movement. It creates access to alter unconscious movement and break holding patterns.

How: Group or One-on-One attention

Where/When:  RSVP Required

What: Bring a pad or exercise mat and wear comfortable clothes.
           Especially bring an open heart and mind.

Who: TBA 

(949) 235-4847 for more information


Last revised Septmeber, 2009