Sail Away Camp ran from 2005-2012.
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NOTE:  The info below refers to 2012 Summer and is still posted due to general informational value.  Please contact the San Luis Obispo YMCA for future sailing camp info.

Summer #7 for Sail Away Camp July 2011

SAIL AWAY CAMP at the Baywood Park Pier - last offered in Summer 2012

A YMCA-sponsored sailing instruction on Morro Bay
for kids 8-13 years old.

Learn to row and sail
on the peaceful waters
of Morro Bay's back bay.

Each camp is for 4 hours per day for 4 days. 
The camp meets from 9am to 1pm on four days in a row.      
The winds are typically more gentle in the morning, making learning to sail easy and a lot more fun.  That's why camps are scheduled early in the day.  But the back bay is shallow, so the tide has to be high enough for sailing in the morning.  That's why only one camp is offered some summers.

Why Baywood Park is a good place to start sailing.

Some more photos of Sail Away Camp.


An eight-foot sailboat is provided for each participant at Sail Away Camp.