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Since 1973 Steve and Peregrine Marine have been involved in a wide range of activities. Here are a few highlights:

Community Support

Non-Profit Schoolship Operations

It has always been Peregrine Marine's policy to donate a percentage of its operating time to local service organizations, community groups, schools, and churches in the countries and geographical areas where we operate. This time is often used for many different activities from community fund raising activities to schoolship programs for children.

Lifeline for Kids is now our primary and specific form of Non-Profit operations. In the past we have tried to donate as much as 20% of our operational time. We will now strive to reach a level as high as 40% or more of Peregrine Marine's annual operations. With the additional support of Corporate and individual sponsors we hope to increase our scholarship capacity and one day make this our principal form of operation. Please refer to our Lifeline for Kids Executive Summary.

Working with disabled, handicapped and troubled kids of all age groups and ability levels, Lifeline for Kids will provide support and leadership for kids who have nowhere else to turn. Through Internet access to counseling, these young people can contact a counselor or join a chat room for peer support. They can pursue programs at camps and aboard sailing vessels to turn their personal challenges into newly found strength while learning to perform amazing feats and accomplish things which they would never have believed possible.

Several very interesting additional concepts have also been presented. These include working with existing ecological and educational organizations in conjunction with scientific research groups to create an ongoing schoolship program. Other ideas include initiating scholastic competitions. The regular winners of these competitions would receive scholarships to participate as crew members during ongoing research and exploration programs. One associate has proposed that we work towards being able to feed our own interactive web site and broadcast in real time for classroom participation.

These programs can include the sailing vessels only, or the entire Adventure Travel Package of facilities, vehicles, tools and equipment. We hope that everyone will want to participate and assist with these programs. We would like to hear your specific ideas, programs, activities and focus groups for Non-Profit Operations.

Sail Training has a very significant and positive impact on self-confidence, team work, communication, organizational abilities, situational awareness and leadership development. This simple process applies to all Peregrine Marine Expeditions and Lifeline programs. Whether it be Corporate Team Building, Adventure Travel Expeditions, Corporate Rewards, or Lifeline for Kids, Sail Training has a dynamic and dramatic positive impact.

There are any number of variations on these themes that will accommodate anyone's or any organization's focus group.

Our Boats

Passenger Capacity

Day Sail
50 foot:
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60 foot:
6 to 20 passengers
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